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11995-I-Am-GratefulMaybe we don’t know about him. His name is Nicholas James Vujicic who doesn’t have arms and legs since he was born. This condition is out of his ability, if he can choice he will not be here, but it cannot be changed because it has been since he was born. When he was kid he thought that he wanted to have arms and legs. He just focused and worry on his disabled condition, he thought that he cannot do anything. All people laughed him and see him like a monster. He wanted playing football like other boy. He felt depression and sometime want to end his life. He thought that he never marry with a girl and he never gets job because of his condition. Finally, he realised that he shouldn’t think like that, he should move on and get up. And, he can prove it. Now he has job as motivator. He lives with his beautiful wife and his cute son. His principles for this all always have feeling grateful to his God.

He never gives up to learn how to stand up again if he falls to the ground because he didn’t know how to stand up without arm and leg. He tries..and try.. again and again without give up. He got 100 fails to stand after fall to the ground, then he tried again until he can do it. It is the same with our life, when we are in good condition and we are in comfort zone, we never think that we will fall to bad condition. Sometime we don’t get ready to that. Then, when we fall to bad condition we don’t know how to stand up again, we do not know how to stand up from adversity. But he shows that he can stand after fail for 100 times. It means if we can do like him that we can stand up from adversity after we try to not give up and make it be good.

When he wants to move to get something he should walk with his small leg, but it needs a long time because of short step moving. Then, he thought how to get long step moving. And, he did jump with right action. Although James Zubicic are disabled person, but his mind and his heart are not disabled. He knows his ability. He always feel happy and think that his life is like journey and beautiful. The most important is always say thank to God.

We can take positive about his life. Now see ourselves. We should always say thanks to God, that we have perfect limbs. We can if-you-are-grateful-allah-will-give-you-moreplaying football, we can write, we can take  things and we can run. We have good physic. We should can do more than him. When we fall down and we feel depression and we should know how to stand up and not give up, we shouldn’t think to regret about our life, but we should grateful to God for every condition we are. We know that Allah SWT promises, if we always grateful to Him, we will get more fortune than now. Yea, that is true. Every we say thank to God, we feel satisfied, we feel better and sometime we feel easy to face our life. When we want to solve our problem or pursuit our dream, we will focus on it and try the way to get it without give up. And, we realize that we have potential and we have ability to do it. We should focus on our ability and not care about underestimate of other about us. We can do more than them and even make them shock about what we can do. Sometime we think it is impossible, when we believe that will happen, it will be possible.

Life is not always good and happy, we will face sadness, depress, so what should we do? Does we focus and cry on it? Or will we try to escape from it with good solution. That our choice because we run it. If we want to get good in life so we will try to think how to escape from bad condition, we shouldn’t quite and cry about it without doing anything. We must move on and think positively to get  good then. We are great person that God create and we should thank for that. And, we realize as a great person will think great about our life now and future.

So, the most important in our life is grateful about what we have and what we get. This can change our mind to think better, do better and get better things.








We live in this earth in the short time, we don’t know how many times we can do more in life. God gives us everything that we need Finish-What-You-Startedand God knows what is the best for us. We have more colourful life such as happiness, sadness, success, goodness, badness, etc. Nobody lives without having problems and get risk in their life. When we start to do something, so we should finish it, although we will get more problems and risk. It is our power and our great soul we have. All people around us are the nature teachers are teach us about life. They do bad or good we can learn from them to take positive for life. And, think that our life is a great struggle and we will get great result.

If we look back, we know that Derek Redmond was a British athlete who recorded for 400 metres sprint and won gold medals in the 4×400 metres at the World Championships, European Championship and Commonwealth Games. He was so great athlete for sprint, but one thing that we can learn from him is his spirit when he got accident.

In 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, he followed the 400 metres sprint. This Olympic was his challenge to win after he won gold medals before. In the semifinal Derek Redmond started well, but in the back straight about 250 metres from the finish, he got an accident that he tore his hamstring, he felt really pain and fell the ground. Most people in the olympic thought that he would stop it. He realises his olympic dream was over. He cried out and say “There’s no way, I am getting on that stretcher. I am going to finish my stretcher.” With the pain he began to hobble along the track. People at the race tried to stop him, but he didn’t care, he still continued it. Suddenly, a man comes from the top and fight back security that stopped him to enter the race. And, a man said “That’s my son out there”. He was Jim Redmond.

FLS_StartTogetherHe said to Derek Redmond, “I am here son, you don’t have to do this.” Then Derek Redmond cried and said to his dad “Yes I do”. Without thinking anymore, his dad said “Well then, we will finish this together”. Jim and Derek completed the lap of the track together with Derek leaning on his dad’s shoulder for support. Although he didn’t get medal in this olympic, but he finished his race with his father beside him and 65.000 spectators rose to give Derek a standing ovation.

This is great motivation that we can catch from him. He didn’t give up for his dream to finish his race competition in olympic. Although he got an accident and will get more risk if he continued it, he has decided to start it and do his commitment to finish it. This teach us that if we start to do something and we should finish it. Although we get more risk and challenge to finish it. Maybe more people will try to stop us, or environment doesn’t support us or ourselves doesn’t support to do our dream, but we still have passion, spirit and ambition that never die and never give up with bless of God.

We have strong feeling and believe that we can do our passion and our dream with bless of God. When we get problems we should think positively to not give up, we should think that is a good information and good teacher for us to do next level on the way to pursuit our dream, even God give us someone or environment that will support us to get it.

“Our beliefs become our thoughts
Our thoughts become our words
Our words become our actions
When we think that something is impossible, shift our thoughts.

So Impossible mean I’m possible.”



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Mathematic is the door and the key of science, every we run then we meet mathematic, although we learn about social science we never far away from it. Since kid we have been taught about mathematic, we knew numbers and add numbers by using fingers. Do you realize that you always right using mathematic when you count your money. And, you always right using mathematic when you count your mark test.

Somepeople thinks “Math is Mental Abuse To Humans” because they don’t find the beauty on it. Math is like horror and ghost that keyboard-fa-do-c-391-147make them scare to learn it. They try to far away and don’t want to know more about mathematic. But don’t you realize that mathematic is look like art and poetry with more beautiful number and symbol. The piano and other instruments can be played if we can play with the numbers that can give nice melody. The algebra, calculus, geometry, statistic, etc. are kind of instrument in our mind that can play the numbers and give the beautiful result when we use it properly. When we proof some formula, mathematic is look like poetry, it is full with symbol and mathematics statement that it has the meaning on it.

How beautiful mathematics, first time you know mathematics make you are curious and you want to solve it properly. When you curious and you learn it, you curious again then you learn it again, you will do continue like this, then it makes you know how beautiful mathematics is. Mathematic will come to close with you if you are not afraid or far from it. For the first time you should try to solve mathematic problems, and you can do it then make you want to try to solve new mathematic problem, and you do it again and again.

The point of to love math is practice..practice..practice… and practice. Never boring with that activity. Then, when you can solve math-and-poetry-quotemathematic problem then make you want to know your next ability to solve it again. You will continue and this makes your mind will always remember about math. Like you love someone, when you love her/him, you always remember her/him, then you always want to know about her/him. You want to know her/his feeling and you want to try to keep contact and give more attention to her/him. It is the same with math, when you give full attention on it, you will know mathematic well, then mathematic will give good feedback to you then you love it.

How lucky you are when you find the beauty on mathematic, you will do like mathematicians that always think positive to solve their problems, think creative, think simplicity, responsibility, do honest, think positive and never give up about their dream and their life. When you love mathematic, you will know that God is so great that has create mathematic for us. Then you try to find and solve a riddle or fun of mathematic because most people love fun and happy condition. So when you find it on mathematic, you will like it.

This is the simple steps how to learn mathematic, do more practice, Love mathematic and know riddle or fun mathematic. And, you will find the change on your mind.

For me, first time I know mathematic since kid, and in elementary school, my teacher always taught me mathematic every day in a class. Then, she gave me more homework so I always practiced on it. Then, my teacher gave me more riddle and fun story about mathematic. Bside thay my parents knew my ability in this subject. They asked me to learn mathematic in university. I did it with feeling love on mathematic.

Math-and-PoetryAnd for you that still learn mathematic, don’t be scare if you cannot solve mathematic problem, it mean that God gives you a chance to be  creative people, because you will think creative to solve it. God gives you a chance to be a people who never give up because you will try to solve it properly. God give you a chance to be a simple human to think and face problems because you will try simple solution to solve it. God give you chance to think positive because you will be positive that you are abble to solve it. God give you chance to be honest, because mathematic is an exact science and it has certainty result that could not be annoyed. God give you chance to know Him, because from mathematic we know one of knowledge that God give to us. This is a foundation and this is a base or key of other science. Only one subject that act like this, it is mathematic.

How beautiful mathematic is. And we should proud to learn and to know more about mathematic. Let’s change your mind to love mathematic.




quotes-doing-easily_14656-1Yesterday, I uploaded more song video from youtube in my facebook. I downloaded it because I awesome about them, they sing the songs of the artist with their ability. Maybe some people will say that they imitated or they are not creative, but we take positive from it. They have a talent and they can express it, and they are famous from it. They have more friends over the world, and they are famous as an artist or musicians. And, it is not possible if they get an offer to be famous singer. This is their talent that they can express it for other.

A few years ago, I always read articles from blog or magazines, in my mind I thought that how they can do it? How they think to write that article. And, they share good information and good knowledge for everybody. And, if we need information, it can be taken directly by type the topic in mister google and we get it in a minute. How great they are. They can express their mind, they can share information and knowledge by their ability.

In some countries have the programme of television about talent. The participant shows their ability in more field, singing, dancing, playing music, paying magic, or other activity they have it and they can show how amazing they are.

When I see myself and I asked myself what is my talent? How can I know it? How can I develop it? How can I express it?  How can I share good for other? Maybe somebody will think like me as well. When we don’t know what is our ability.talent_-_320_wide

Nowadays,  the hot issue is about selfie. Everyone takes their own picture, then they upload it in social media. They get more comment. Some selfies are extreme close-ups, others show of an arm held straight outward and a few the great one feature is standing in front of bathroom mirror so they get full body. More selfie style people show for other. More reason why they take selfies. Maybe to  get attention from many people possible, to show off their own great achievement, to get self-esteem boost, etc. The positive from this they have confidence to express their ability in front of camera. And, maybe they know their talent after positive response from other people. The chance to be a photographer or a model.

How about us if we don’t know our talent. Does everybody have it?

Talent is God gift for us, and we have it. Talent is not only able to singing, writing, playing piano, playing football. But being creative people and give bright idea, able to teaching, able to motivating other, this is kind of other talent that we can focus and develop it. Talent is high potential, it is the skill inherent in the individual. And, everybody has it. Just the problem is how to know it, maybe from other people who can see our talent or from ourselves afterthought in a long time, or it appears alone after we can do something and do focus it.

erica-jong-quotes-talent-quote-pictures-saying-picsSomebody is able to know other talent, if they want, they will develop other talent and give attention to grow it. This usually do in human resource in company, when they know the talent of their employee, and it will be useful for company, they will focus and grow their employee’s talent and they point to company goal.

For me, it is difficult to know my talent, I can writing, teaching or playing music instrument, cooking and creative with handicraft. But I don’t know which one is my talent. And, I just do what can I do and always improve and develop it, hope it will be useful for other.And how about you?





gagalsuksesWhen I cleaned my room, I found my dvd movie collections there. I found my favorite movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. I have watched this movie more than 10 times and never feel boring. I can tell this movie is an extraordinary movie and more lesson that I can get from it. This movie is true story about stockbroker in America, Chris Gardner. This movie was first released in 2006. It tells the story about Chris Gardner life from people who don’t have anything and become the richest as Gardner Rich LLC CEO. The movie tells how the struggles, ups and downs of his life to become the richest man in America.

Start with a man who works as salesman who sells portable bone-density scanners which he demonstrates to doctors and pitches as a handy quantum leap over standard X-rays. He doesn’t have fixed salary. He lives with his wife and his son, then one day they have financial problems. His wife leaves him because she can’t leave in poor condition. Gardner Rich has passion and believe that he can give happiness to his son. He is willing to queue for long hours in social apartment to get adequate housing for his son, even he is willing to sleep in toilet for his lovely son.

One day he meets a man who drives a red farrari car, he searches place for parking his car. Gardner asked two questions while offering the parking place, “What do you do and How do you do?”. And, a man answer that he is a stockbroker and his salary is $80.000 in a month. This statement makes Gardner change his mind and his motivation. He shocks and curious, then he decides to apply to be stockbroker participant. Unfortunately, he failed because that man was fired, and even Gardner has left his old job as salesman.Pursuit_of_Happyness-32

Gardner never gives up, he tries to apply for other company to Dean Witter Reynolds. He still needs more effort and with low salary, but he always has high motivation. Finally, he gets certificate and join with Bear, Stearns&Company.  After he is being a high stockbroker level, he is getting resign and build a company, Gardner Rich&Company, Inc. The low condition, poor condition can change his life, he is able to rise and get great life.

This movie is so touching heart and more inspiration that can give encourage to our soul. It is ashame if we pass it. There is a unique thing from this movie, the wrong spelling of the tittle “Happyness”, it should be written as “Happiness”. We don’t know the reason that why they make it wrong spell. Happiness mean life with happy and wealth, and to reach it will face more risk and obstacles, and it is not easy to reach and it is not easy as expected. But we have to do efforts, prayer and believe that what we have done will be as expected.

In one of scenes from this movie, Gardner tells to his son that “You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something? Go get it. Period”.pursuit_of_happyness

This movie learns to struggle in life and prayer to pursuit our dream, then rare we will face smooth way to get it. The patient, belief, and positive thinking is so important. The shortages and poverty is not an obstacle even something evoke the spirit and change our mindset about life. A strong desire force us to get out from uncomfortable zone to comfortable zone. The great man can be inspired us to afford to live. Assuming that he is a human and we are human as well, they can through their hard life and be great human, then we can through hard life and be great human as well in our specific field.

The education is a key to through this life, education is not only in school or formal education, also informal education that we can get from our experience or other experience and from what we have seen in this world. “Become Life-Long Learner”.

The struggle in life has more risks and we have to be brave to face and bear the risks about what we choose, do everything to be honest and thorough and patient in life. We always try to positive think and confidence what we will do and enjoy life with open heart and sincere. Passion, spirit and motivation can make we believe that we are capable through life in pursuit our dream. The success is in our mind, action and heart. If we are able to make it balance, then success will be close to us.





The Beauty of Moslem Female

Yesterday, I watched The Indonesian Muslim Women’s Festival.  That’s great from them to show their opinion about environment and life as good muslim women. They are not only good looking, also they have good knowledge in Islam and science. More question came for them, and almost they gave great answers. And, now I write this article about moslem women, this not show racist or discriminant. Just it is as good information and see positive from this.

images (2)

 As being muslim women, we must use hijab to cover our body, it just to show that our private body is so important and not to show to other that are not our mohreem and it only shows to our mohreem especially for our husband. May some of moslem women don’t wear hijab, but they should act like moslem women.

Women in Islam are not like retarded or be looked underestimate by other.  We are guided by our good husband and we should life base on Al Quran. May some people will think that why moslem women using hijab? More reason to answer this question. The most important reason, it has been written in Al Qur’an, Surah Al Ahzab ayah 59 : “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And, ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” It is clear that moslem women should use hijab to be known and not be abused by other. It can protect themselves from abusing and crimes. The fact that the high crime comes from women, you can see and feel when women don’t wear hijab, they show their body even their private body, maybe you feel want to flirt them and want to do something bad to them. So when using hijab with good, this will be far from crime and abuse. Women should protect themselves although our God always protect us.

When you see moslem people with hijab, you will see beautiful and elegance come from them. And, you will respect and polite if you meet them, how to look them, talking with them and think about them. In Islam, the beauty and cleanness are so important. Surely, it cannot be denied, some woman want to have good looking, beautiful, grace, and elegance. More women go to salon and beauty center to make their performance physically looking beautiful. Rethink again that, is there only physical so important to looking good? Are looking beautiful to imitate an artist on TV?  Rethink again, does there anythings must be looking beautiful?

What is the beauty?

The beauty in eyes is everything that makes someone like and love it. The beauty is not only in human, but also everything in this earth, animal, plants and everything that makes we like and love it. And, how about Islam see the beauty? Islam ask to always be beauty and cleanness in our life, beauty in our characteristic, attitude, and act, then physic will follow it.

Most women think that getting beauty must have good body and looking sexy, then man will follow them. They just focus how to attract men and other world cases. They will go to the gym, salon and beauty center and also change their beauty body with surgery that is seen not thankful to God that creates our body. They will attract men with their physical performance. And, I don’t think how do they feel if more man will come to them without know what men’s purpose to close them. The phisical is not permanent, it can change by the time, if people see and love women because of their physical, it means that men will not permanent have their feeling about them.


The most important in beauty of women is their attitude, act and characteristic. What people say about sexy is not in physically, it comes to their mind, but it is not good to say word sexy. Women have good thinking is smart and so amazing and more than sexy. And, base on hadits that Allah SWT only see human based on their heart and their worship not from their physical.

In Islam they must do prayer five times in a day, this gives more advantage for moslem women. It makes moslem women will look beauty. When they take wudhu (wash their face, hand and leg before the prayer), this can keep their face be fresh and moist. It cleans dirt on face and skin. And, how amazing clean when they do prayer five times in a day. The beauty comes from water of wudhu. It can make them feel calm as well.tumblr_lmer7cr0ze1ql3obmo1_400

The beauty comes from eyes, some of moslem women use special and halal mascara that can keep health of eyes. The beauty is natural, without using hard and expensive make up, we can give smile, have good heart, humble, no lies, polite and simplicity life can make our face look like pink and it comes from our calm heart. Prayer five times in a day is looking like doing gym five times in a day, and it has been proof by researchers. The beauty comes from hijab, they are looking gorgeous and amazing with hijab, they cover their body and maybe sometime make curious, and this is key of beauty. And, also hijab can save hair from the sunlight and other bad environment, so hair will always healthy and beautiful.

The moslem people do that with good, they will look gorgeous in heart, also in their physical. Everybody will polite and respect them. And, I am as moslem people still try to learn how to be good moslem woman. Sometime, I forget and don’t realize about it and still need more knowledge to know about it by correction myself. And the most important for me is always keep my hijab.


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Last article, I wrote about appreciation our effort, and now I still write about appreciation, because for me appreciation is so amazing word.

i-appreciate-you-say-the-friendsWhat did you feel when your friend flout your opinion? What did you feel when your friend didn’t give positive view about your extraordinary life? What did you feel when you tell your valuable experiences to your friends, but  your friends give ordinary response and they consider themselves more powerful than you? And, even you got critics that shouldn’t appropriate for you.

As long as we live in this earth, we are a social human that need other human to live together with . We always live side by side with other, surely we have bad or good experience with them. As long as we live, we got positive or negative respond about what we have done. And, even we do positive things, they would give negative respond or critic us. This is a human nature that they never satisfy about what they have seen and what they have received, but they should control and manage themselves for this. Although things that happened is true and real, but still there is something lack and even searching for things that can cause it is wrong. The greatest or the best who you are, bad critic still for you, even if you are nothing. No matter how good person you are, there will always be someone criticizing you.

Appreciation is a wonderful thing copy

If you are given a glass half filled with water, I think your view and your friend’s view will be different. There will give an answer that a glass half filled with water and other will give an answer that a glass half empty. This shows that humans has different view when they see the same thing. That is the same with us, they will see as negative or positive side about our life.

Based on your opinion, what is wrong with this? What is lacking about it? Only one word need to solve it, “APPRECIATION”. There imagesis no appreciation about what other have done, what other people do effort, there are no recognition and always treat themselves are on top for everything. We are as human surely have ego and arrogant character and some people can manage it and other not.

When you give a report to your boss, what do you feel if your boss ask you to put it on the table without see it? Surely you feel that your boss don’t regard your effort and you will think it is useless. And, you will feel disappointed and even not do maximum about your work. The other situation, what do you feel if your boss ask you to sit on a chair while saying “Good” and “Thank you”. Surely you feel so happy and even jumping up and down with exciting outside his room. Although you get two word “Good” and “Thank you” from your boss. That’s words are able to change your mood and encourage yourself to do your next report and other jobs. This shows that appreciation to other or appreciation from other to us give positive aura and encourage us to do next activity.

What will you feel if your boss scolded you all out because you made some mistakes? Maybe you would shock, cry, fainting and not encourage to work, even you want to resign (don’t do this, its look like you are not professional to manage it). Sometime a boss is angry and searching for some mistakes from you, surely you would lose spirit to go to work. And, you feel like a minute sleep when you are getting up, you feel like a year when waiting to go home after doing your work.


Another case when I made some mistakes at office, my boss was not angry to me, he said positive and even give bit appreciation to me about what I had done. And, he said “ This is good, but you need to be refined”. One word “Good” is able to cover up the word “Need to be refined”. This didn’t make me pessimistic and depressed, even I was excited and I encouraged to give good report for him.

That’s so amazing word when you give appreciation to other, but why do only few people can do it? And, other people are so difficult to appreciate their friends. Even, that cannot less your sustenance when you give appreciation for other. When you are able to appreciate other they will see you as high-minded person that able to view positive side of other. The people who cannot give appreciation to other people are people who never give appreciation themselves. And, the people who cannot respect and regard to other people are people who never respect and regard themselves.

In addition criticize, before we critic other, we should see ourself first and correction ourself is good or bad. It is not appropriate if we critic other, but we do that we assume wrong about  what they have done.