gagalsuksesWhen I cleaned my room, I found my dvd movie collections there. I found my favorite movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. I have watched this movie more than 10 times and never feel boring. I can tell this movie is an extraordinary movie and more lesson that I can get from it. This movie is true story about stockbroker in America, Chris Gardner. This movie was first released in 2006. It tells the story about Chris Gardner life from people who don’t have anything and become the richest as Gardner Rich LLC CEO. The movie tells how the struggles, ups and downs of his life to become the richest man in America.

Start with a man who works as salesman who sells portable bone-density scanners which he demonstrates to doctors and pitches as a handy quantum leap over standard X-rays. He doesn’t have fixed salary. He lives with his wife and his son, then one day they have financial problems. His wife leaves him because she can’t leave in poor condition. Gardner Rich has passion and believe that he can give happiness to his son. He is willing to queue for long hours in social apartment to get adequate housing for his son, even he is willing to sleep in toilet for his lovely son.

One day he meets a man who drives a red farrari car, he searches place for parking his car. Gardner asked two questions while offering the parking place, “What do you do and How do you do?”. And, a man answer that he is a stockbroker and his salary is $80.000 in a month. This statement makes Gardner change his mind and his motivation. He shocks and curious, then he decides to apply to be stockbroker participant. Unfortunately, he failed because that man was fired, and even Gardner has left his old job as salesman.Pursuit_of_Happyness-32

Gardner never gives up, he tries to apply for other company to Dean Witter Reynolds. He still needs more effort and with low salary, but he always has high motivation. Finally, he gets certificate and join with Bear, Stearns&Company.  After he is being a high stockbroker level, he is getting resign and build a company, Gardner Rich&Company, Inc. The low condition, poor condition can change his life, he is able to rise and get great life.

This movie is so touching heart and more inspiration that can give encourage to our soul. It is ashame if we pass it. There is a unique thing from this movie, the wrong spelling of the tittle “Happyness”, it should be written as “Happiness”. We don’t know the reason that why they make it wrong spell. Happiness mean life with happy and wealth, and to reach it will face more risk and obstacles, and it is not easy to reach and it is not easy as expected. But we have to do efforts, prayer and believe that what we have done will be as expected.

In one of scenes from this movie, Gardner tells to his son that “You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something? Go get it. Period”.pursuit_of_happyness

This movie learns to struggle in life and prayer to pursuit our dream, then rare we will face smooth way to get it. The patient, belief, and positive thinking is so important. The shortages and poverty is not an obstacle even something evoke the spirit and change our mindset about life. A strong desire force us to get out from uncomfortable zone to comfortable zone. The great man can be inspired us to afford to live. Assuming that he is a human and we are human as well, they can through their hard life and be great human, then we can through hard life and be great human as well in our specific field.

The education is a key to through this life, education is not only in school or formal education, also informal education that we can get from our experience or other experience and from what we have seen in this world. “Become Life-Long Learner”.

The struggle in life has more risks and we have to be brave to face and bear the risks about what we choose, do everything to be honest and thorough and patient in life. We always try to positive think and confidence what we will do and enjoy life with open heart and sincere. Passion, spirit and motivation can make we believe that we are capable through life in pursuit our dream. The success is in our mind, action and heart. If we are able to make it balance, then success will be close to us.







I got inspiration to write this article after discussing with my brother.

In phisyc or mathematic, we are familiar with word of vector. It is a scale that has a value and also direction. If we look back to ourselves, it is the same with us, we have a value for ourselves, other and our God. We have direction mean vision, goal and passion for life. Our value is to ourselves to be the best and do the best as ability and we always be blessed by God. Our value is to others to share positive things and do great sincere for them. Our value is to God to obey His orders and to leave His prohibitions.

Beside we have a value, we have a direction. Our direction means our vision, our goal, our dream, our passion or our destination to live in this world and hereafter, to live in dunya and akhirah. Where we will carry our life today, whether to be like usual or be greater than usual or otherwise. It depends on us and depend on how we view our life. With blessed by God and support by others around us.

Living with vision, goal and destination make us live with spirit and we will keep it up to do and reach its. We will do maximum to reach as our ability through effort, dua, believe and trust it can be realize. May others will not agree with us, may others will inhibit or interfere us. But we should focus for what we plan before.

The lifetime is the past, the present and the future time. The past is all events have occurred. That event has occurred before the present. There is mention the past is memories and cannot forget it. Whatever various effort to forget it, the bad or good events, it cannot be forgotten. If we are busy to think about the past, may we will view more terrible in our life. We will not focus to live in the present and to live in the future.

We live for the present and the future, it does not mean we are busy to focus for our sadness in the past then make stultify our life in the present and in the future. It does not mean we are busy to focus for our happiness without doing anything in the present. We can get as lesson for event that occurred in the past, and we expect the bad event will not occurs anymore. We should do everything as good as the past and bad event will not occurs anymore.

If we get a chance to back into the past, what we would do at that time. We would do good things or we would do nothing so we would not get risk.

The present is what we feel and we face today. The present will occur after the past. Today is future for the past. It is not good if we are busy to think about past event, we should think about the present and the future as well, how to life, what we want to carry our visions, our goals, our dreams or our destinations to live in the future. But it doesn’t mean we just focus how to life in the duniya like find more money, power, position, etc. Also we should focus to think how to live in akhirah as well. We should choose to success life in duniya and akhirah. We will not forget to obey God and leave His prohibitions, then we will be blessed by Him and so far we will be given the ease to do our visions and our dreams.

Living for the future mean we are trying to prepare as well as we will save our life for duniya and akhirah, then we will get good and great live there. Living for the future will run consistent with our visions and destination if we have good planning and good spirit to reach it.

Having dreams, goal and passion is positive things to encourage life. For the past, every’s people have different way to respond event in the past. For me, I want to forget bad event, but I ll take positive it and I hope will never occur anymore. It will become a lesson for today and future.

We will not change to be good if we will not change it by ourselves.  We will not go forward or go ahead if we still think and focus about past. We cannot succeed to run our life if we cannot learn and take positive about the past. It depends on us and our view about the past, the present and the future. We should control ourselves and our mind to choose positive or negative things. Life is a choice, we choose to be good or we choose to be bad. It is in our heart, our mind and our action.

I have a dream and passion for the future and of course, I will get more obstacles to reach it. It is enough, me and God know it. Do effort, dua and trust and keep spirit in life although we will face more people will not agree with us. Just be who we are and do great in our life.

Always keep it up in life and reach our dream, passion and goal for happiness and wealth life in duniya and akhirah. And don’t forget to think who we are, always close to God as our God, then everything will be easier to do and all our dreams will be blessed by Him.

by MEYF ^_^


Everyone said that life is a struggle. The struggle to achieve what we hope. The struggle to get what we need. Life is not just accept what it is. Every organism have a purpose for living. To reach this goal they fought as much as possible.

Picture1Life is a choice. Our choice is  to be good or to be bad in our life. Life depends on us how to look at it and then depend on the environment that affect us. Sometimes we can not control ourselves when we reach our goal and our dreams.

In life we will not be apart of the problems. Every organism will inevitably face the problems. Both problems within ourself, family problems, love problems, friendship problems, office problems, school problems or other problems. Takes a struggle to resolve it . Hard struggle or not depends on how we view or on our perspective to the problem.

There are positive and negative side to view the problem. How to view the problem in term of the negative side is that we perceive it as being the worst thing in our lives, such as a deadly poison our minds and hearts. If we view the problem in term of the positive side is seeing the problem as a teacher of learning for a better life in the future. With the problems a lot of experience and wisdom that we get. Given a problem, usually we will be closer to God, with the problems, so mentally and our perspective will be different. Whatever we can positively view it as a good teacher who taught us to goodness .

A good way to solve the problem is through introspection ourselves. Make corrections for ourselves for the better of life. Life is a Picture2choice, so choose for goodness, with introspection, we can live with honesty and sincerity .

In life , we are not only ask everything to God. We shall fight for the happiness of the world and happiness of the hereafter. Happiness can not be measured by material or any money. Happiness can not be bought with money. But happiness is not free. To obtain the happiness we shall pay with the struggle. And we have a lot to be grateful for what is given by God. With grateful, hearts will be calm and God will add favors and good fortune to us.

And the other, the struggle to make ends meet in the world, both basic needs, primary or tertiary need. The struggle to reach a goal or struggle for position, education or achievements. It is a struggle to make ends meet in the world. But all this does not necessarily lead us to goodness. The key is grateful. Struggling with grateful makes our life will be wonderful.

The next struggle is a struggle to make ends meet after life. It’s closer to religion and God. While living in the world, if we get what we needs, it will not mean anything if we do not prepare for after life. For that we have to prepare ourselves for life in the world to get the necessities of life and happiness in the afterlife.

Life is a struggle to obtain happiness in this world and the hereafter. Always grateful and sincere, so that all the problems that come to us can be resolved properly and correctly.

Picture3If we can not resolve the problem, never view it as a failure. However, view it is as something delayed success.

No word for failure in life, if we really struggled to get it.

I have experienced in the failure and I also got the problems. So did you as well. But with self introspection and alwasy be grateful,we can solve everything well.





Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim …

Today I tried to write again, after I was off for a few  months. Many events that happened as a lesson in my life. Good-bad, sick-healthy, happy-sad, disappointed-satisfied and everything I had got it. All of that events are as lesson to be better in my life. But sometime I am not able to accept it specially bad things, so that the incident is like a disaster that’s scary for my life.

In life, we have hopes and desires. Hope and desire to good life, to study, to marry, had a love, to get peace of life, etc. This all gives us encourage to stay and alive. We always try to make effort to obtain it.  Whatever effort and the way that we do to reach its and whatever the response of others to see our effort, but we still are struggling to get it. But we have to keep in mind and heart to choose which one is good and right way to get it, so that is not conflict with our religion and conscience.

I have a lot of hopes and desires, there are some that have been achieved and there are some that still trying to achieve it. And, even there are not yet achieved. It is difficult to pass when hopes and desires are not achieved. But for me, I ll try to think positive and get rid of thinking negative as much as possible. Many positive perceptions about it, there may Allah SWT has not given a chance for us because there are still shortcomings in ourself, there may be events that will be better than what we hope, or there may have run a long way to get it. For it is one of the steps that we should do is to have self-introspection in ourself. So that we can obtain well what we hope and what we desire.

Sometimes in this life has a strong ambition to get something that we hope and desires. But, if we don’t base on religion and God, all we have gained is not blessing for our life. We have hope and desire for a certain thing, and we have been confidence to get it, although others will think that it is impossible.  But please don’t be discouraged, always able to have confidence and trust to Allah SWT and always say thank to Him, by His power we ll get what we hope. Insya Allah…

Just, never waste what we have gained at this time, so we do not let regrets happen in the future. Sometime, we have something at this moment, and we do not appreciate it. But when we lose it, then we realize that something is very precious and valuable in our life.

And while we have gained something and we still feel doubt about it, while we’re trying to remove it with sincerity, and if it returns to us, it means Allah SWT give it for us and if it does not return to us, it means that there are more good things that Allah SWT has given for us.

One thing that has always been a guideline in my life is always doing an act with sincerity and only because of Allah SWT, optimistic without a sense of arrogant and conceited, then we will get it and will be beautiful of in the end.


Just sharing my experiences, and some of them I got books and tausiyah and sharing with friends. We are as God’s creatures in the world have a responsibility to live better. Responsibility to comply with the good life. To be a human being obedient for His commands and leave all His ban. We got opportunity to life in this world are different for every human, there are only one minute after birth, two days, 23 years, 56 years, 65 years or 1000 years. We do not know how long we will live in this world. Although we are healthy life, maybe we have a short time to life, even people who are sick are given long life by Allah SWT to live in this world.Picture14

The greatest grace we received from Allah SWT is the grace of Iman and Islam. We were born in a state of faith in Him. All our lives are governed by Allah in the Quran.  It was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad SAW in order to be able to run a better life in this world and the afterlife. But there are still many moslem and including me that have not been able to practice all of which are described in the Quran.

Every day,  we still do many sins even though we know it is a sin, and we do not do our duty as His creatures, even though we know what we have to do. And, we still think that we can life and have long age in this world, so we think that we can be good and remove our sin in old age. Please think that we will never know when we will die, it could be a minute, an hour, a day, a month or a year later or even hundreds of years later. However, we still hold to the principle that we are trying to doing goodness and leave the evil and sin as we will die tomorrow.

It is just for sharing and we remind each other. And, we can choose which one is good and right for our life and the world hereafter because there may be assumed that the speaking or writing easier than doing it.

I remember about five years ago, when I returned to Bukittinggi because on that day the death of my sister. On the way from  Soekarno-Hatta airport to Minang Kabau airport as long as on the way, I listen the Nasyeed song from Opick, and there is one song that I always repeat, which says that

Live in the world, just briefly

When grief, when laughter

Hopefully we will be back into Allah

Time is running

It never comes back again

When hard, when sad

Tear is not everything

Only the servants of God who always surrender

Because everything depends on Him

Only in Him all headed

Second time will pass

Love and grief will pass

Not all immortal

cry, laughter and tears

All passed and gone

It just a piece of nasheed, which reminds us that the time will never be back, so we should be able to use the time wisely for goodness. All that we have, including ourselves going back to him. Do not waste your time and use the opportunity given to us to live better in the world and hereafter by following all his commands and leave all of his ban.

Please don’t think that all of our religion ask is ancient and not modern.  Please look again, this time our lives are more ancient because it follows the lifetime of ignorance before the revelation of the Quran. Women are not respected, a man like a woman, or a woman like a man, people are proud about their beauty and their body and don’t care about sins, pride in doing evil and ignorance, and many more.

Hope we can use our time for doing goodness and get better life in this world and afterlife, Amin..


by MEYF ^_^


Human was created by God to live together and coexist. They will not be able to life alone. They need friends to share for the better life. Me, you, our brother, our sister, and all of people are need friends to share. We were created by God has excess and lack in our life, by sharing excess can cover lack in our life. Sharing can be done in term of matter, mind and feelings.

Picture7 Have you ever thought about sharing with others using the social media via internet? I am sure you have followed the social media, that connects you with your friends who you know or not. Currently, there are many kinds of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, WeChat, Skout, Skype, Meet 24, and many other social media. Users do not only come from the same country but can connect with users from another country that they are unknown each other.

Social Media is an online media, with its users can easily participate, share, and create content includes blogs, social networks, wikis, forums and virtual worlds. Blogs, social networks and wikis is a form of social media most commonly used by people all over the world. Starting from the communication, sharing and friendship, for example, communicate via chat and sharing of data, images and all of the facilities provided by the social media.

I also users of social media. Maybe it could be regarded as a social media addict. For example, facebook, blogs and twitter. I can connect with friends via social media. Many of the experiences gained from this social media among friends, love, dating and marriage. It’s crazy, I was the victim of social media, through social media, first time I knew my husband until we were married. I Got new friends from local or abroad through social media. I share my stories and experiences as well as via social media. A lot of positive things we can get from social media. Starting from sharing knowledge, life and love, get friendship and find our loved via social media.

In my experience, I use social media primarily chatting and blogging, I can get many friends, many knowledge,and many experiences in life and love. Beside that, we also have to be careful in using it, because it deals with people we do not know yet. Many victims of abuse of social media, especially sexual abuse and pornography (cyberbullying). Users of Social Media can send photos, videos and their voices. Each user would have to present itself as the best in social media, from photos and writings to attract other users.

However many mistakes in using social media, such as to make pleasure and satisfaction shortly. So there are a lot of cases of Picture8pornography and sexual harassment visually. According to the research, more women are using social networking sites, because they want more attention, especially by men. They give the impression of a very interesting and appearances from the photographs on display, video and other appearances that unwittingly attract and invite other users, especially men. So that more women become victims of social media use in the case of pornography and sexual harassment (cyberbullying).

On the other hand, we didn’t realize that we spend more time while using social media, sometime we rare give attention to families, be aloner, and accidental spread of the secret datas, then lack of communication with others in the community. So, we are as social media users should follow the norms and rules and use it for something positive, such as just for storing data, photos and videos, share important information, create discussion groups and other positive things.