The Beauty of Moslem Female

Yesterday, I watched The Indonesian Muslim Women’s Festival.  That’s great from them to show their opinion about environment and life as good muslim women. They are not only good looking, also they have good knowledge in Islam and science. More question came for them, and almost they gave great answers. And, now I write this article about moslem women, this not show racist or discriminant. Just it is as good information and see positive from this.

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 As being muslim women, we must use hijab to cover our body, it just to show that our private body is so important and not to show to other that are not our mohreem and it only shows to our mohreem especially for our husband. May some of moslem women don’t wear hijab, but they should act like moslem women.

Women in Islam are not like retarded or be looked underestimate by other.  We are guided by our good husband and we should life base on Al Quran. May some people will think that why moslem women using hijab? More reason to answer this question. The most important reason, it has been written in Al Qur’an, Surah Al Ahzab ayah 59 : “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And, ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” It is clear that moslem women should use hijab to be known and not be abused by other. It can protect themselves from abusing and crimes. The fact that the high crime comes from women, you can see and feel when women don’t wear hijab, they show their body even their private body, maybe you feel want to flirt them and want to do something bad to them. So when using hijab with good, this will be far from crime and abuse. Women should protect themselves although our God always protect us.

When you see moslem people with hijab, you will see beautiful and elegance come from them. And, you will respect and polite if you meet them, how to look them, talking with them and think about them. In Islam, the beauty and cleanness are so important. Surely, it cannot be denied, some woman want to have good looking, beautiful, grace, and elegance. More women go to salon and beauty center to make their performance physically looking beautiful. Rethink again that, is there only physical so important to looking good? Are looking beautiful to imitate an artist on TV?  Rethink again, does there anythings must be looking beautiful?

What is the beauty?

The beauty in eyes is everything that makes someone like and love it. The beauty is not only in human, but also everything in this earth, animal, plants and everything that makes we like and love it. And, how about Islam see the beauty? Islam ask to always be beauty and cleanness in our life, beauty in our characteristic, attitude, and act, then physic will follow it.

Most women think that getting beauty must have good body and looking sexy, then man will follow them. They just focus how to attract men and other world cases. They will go to the gym, salon and beauty center and also change their beauty body with surgery that is seen not thankful to God that creates our body. They will attract men with their physical performance. And, I don’t think how do they feel if more man will come to them without know what men’s purpose to close them. The phisical is not permanent, it can change by the time, if people see and love women because of their physical, it means that men will not permanent have their feeling about them.


The most important in beauty of women is their attitude, act and characteristic. What people say about sexy is not in physically, it comes to their mind, but it is not good to say word sexy. Women have good thinking is smart and so amazing and more than sexy. And, base on hadits that Allah SWT only see human based on their heart and their worship not from their physical.

In Islam they must do prayer five times in a day, this gives more advantage for moslem women. It makes moslem women will look beauty. When they take wudhu (wash their face, hand and leg before the prayer), this can keep their face be fresh and moist. It cleans dirt on face and skin. And, how amazing clean when they do prayer five times in a day. The beauty comes from water of wudhu. It can make them feel calm as well.tumblr_lmer7cr0ze1ql3obmo1_400

The beauty comes from eyes, some of moslem women use special and halal mascara that can keep health of eyes. The beauty is natural, without using hard and expensive make up, we can give smile, have good heart, humble, no lies, polite and simplicity life can make our face look like pink and it comes from our calm heart. Prayer five times in a day is looking like doing gym five times in a day, and it has been proof by researchers. The beauty comes from hijab, they are looking gorgeous and amazing with hijab, they cover their body and maybe sometime make curious, and this is key of beauty. And, also hijab can save hair from the sunlight and other bad environment, so hair will always healthy and beautiful.

The moslem people do that with good, they will look gorgeous in heart, also in their physical. Everybody will polite and respect them. And, I am as moslem people still try to learn how to be good moslem woman. Sometime, I forget and don’t realize about it and still need more knowledge to know about it by correction myself. And the most important for me is always keep my hijab.


Thanks. Enjoy other article from my blog.




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