We live in this earth in the short time, we don’t know how many times we can do more in life. God gives us everything that we need Finish-What-You-Startedand God knows what is the best for us. We have more colourful life such as happiness, sadness, success, goodness, badness, etc. Nobody lives without having problems and get risk in their life. When we start to do something, so we should finish it, although we will get more problems and risk. It is our power and our great soul we have. All people around us are the nature teachers are teach us about life. They do bad or good we can learn from them to take positive for life. And, think that our life is a great struggle and we will get great result.

If we look back, we know that Derek Redmond was a British athlete who recorded for 400 metres sprint and won gold medals in the 4×400 metres at the World Championships, European Championship and Commonwealth Games. He was so great athlete for sprint, but one thing that we can learn from him is his spirit when he got accident.

In 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, he followed the 400 metres sprint. This Olympic was his challenge to win after he won gold medals before. In the semifinal Derek Redmond started well, but in the back straight about 250 metres from the finish, he got an accident that he tore his hamstring, he felt really pain and fell the ground. Most people in the olympic thought that he would stop it. He realises his olympic dream was over. He cried out and say “There’s no way, I am getting on that stretcher. I am going to finish my stretcher.” With the pain he began to hobble along the track. People at the race tried to stop him, but he didn’t care, he still continued it. Suddenly, a man comes from the top and fight back security that stopped him to enter the race. And, a man said “That’s my son out there”. He was Jim Redmond.

FLS_StartTogetherHe said to Derek Redmond, “I am here son, you don’t have to do this.” Then Derek Redmond cried and said to his dad “Yes I do”. Without thinking anymore, his dad said “Well then, we will finish this together”. Jim and Derek completed the lap of the track together with Derek leaning on his dad’s shoulder for support. Although he didn’t get medal in this olympic, but he finished his race with his father beside him and 65.000 spectators rose to give Derek a standing ovation.

This is great motivation that we can catch from him. He didn’t give up for his dream to finish his race competition in olympic. Although he got an accident and will get more risk if he continued it, he has decided to start it and do his commitment to finish it. This teach us that if we start to do something and we should finish it. Although we get more risk and challenge to finish it. Maybe more people will try to stop us, or environment doesn’t support us or ourselves doesn’t support to do our dream, but we still have passion, spirit and ambition that never die and never give up with bless of God.

We have strong feeling and believe that we can do our passion and our dream with bless of God. When we get problems we should think positively to not give up, we should think that is a good information and good teacher for us to do next level on the way to pursuit our dream, even God give us someone or environment that will support us to get it.

“Our beliefs become our thoughts
Our thoughts become our words
Our words become our actions
When we think that something is impossible, shift our thoughts.

So Impossible mean I’m possible.”



Please watch this video about Derek Redmond.

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gagalsuksesWhen I cleaned my room, I found my dvd movie collections there. I found my favorite movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. I have watched this movie more than 10 times and never feel boring. I can tell this movie is an extraordinary movie and more lesson that I can get from it. This movie is true story about stockbroker in America, Chris Gardner. This movie was first released in 2006. It tells the story about Chris Gardner life from people who don’t have anything and become the richest as Gardner Rich LLC CEO. The movie tells how the struggles, ups and downs of his life to become the richest man in America.

Start with a man who works as salesman who sells portable bone-density scanners which he demonstrates to doctors and pitches as a handy quantum leap over standard X-rays. He doesn’t have fixed salary. He lives with his wife and his son, then one day they have financial problems. His wife leaves him because she can’t leave in poor condition. Gardner Rich has passion and believe that he can give happiness to his son. He is willing to queue for long hours in social apartment to get adequate housing for his son, even he is willing to sleep in toilet for his lovely son.

One day he meets a man who drives a red farrari car, he searches place for parking his car. Gardner asked two questions while offering the parking place, “What do you do and How do you do?”. And, a man answer that he is a stockbroker and his salary is $80.000 in a month. This statement makes Gardner change his mind and his motivation. He shocks and curious, then he decides to apply to be stockbroker participant. Unfortunately, he failed because that man was fired, and even Gardner has left his old job as salesman.Pursuit_of_Happyness-32

Gardner never gives up, he tries to apply for other company to Dean Witter Reynolds. He still needs more effort and with low salary, but he always has high motivation. Finally, he gets certificate and join with Bear, Stearns&Company.  After he is being a high stockbroker level, he is getting resign and build a company, Gardner Rich&Company, Inc. The low condition, poor condition can change his life, he is able to rise and get great life.

This movie is so touching heart and more inspiration that can give encourage to our soul. It is ashame if we pass it. There is a unique thing from this movie, the wrong spelling of the tittle “Happyness”, it should be written as “Happiness”. We don’t know the reason that why they make it wrong spell. Happiness mean life with happy and wealth, and to reach it will face more risk and obstacles, and it is not easy to reach and it is not easy as expected. But we have to do efforts, prayer and believe that what we have done will be as expected.

In one of scenes from this movie, Gardner tells to his son that “You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something? Go get it. Period”.pursuit_of_happyness

This movie learns to struggle in life and prayer to pursuit our dream, then rare we will face smooth way to get it. The patient, belief, and positive thinking is so important. The shortages and poverty is not an obstacle even something evoke the spirit and change our mindset about life. A strong desire force us to get out from uncomfortable zone to comfortable zone. The great man can be inspired us to afford to live. Assuming that he is a human and we are human as well, they can through their hard life and be great human, then we can through hard life and be great human as well in our specific field.

The education is a key to through this life, education is not only in school or formal education, also informal education that we can get from our experience or other experience and from what we have seen in this world. “Become Life-Long Learner”.

The struggle in life has more risks and we have to be brave to face and bear the risks about what we choose, do everything to be honest and thorough and patient in life. We always try to positive think and confidence what we will do and enjoy life with open heart and sincere. Passion, spirit and motivation can make we believe that we are capable through life in pursuit our dream. The success is in our mind, action and heart. If we are able to make it balance, then success will be close to us.






Everyone said that life is a struggle. The struggle to achieve what we hope. The struggle to get what we need. Life is not just accept what it is. Every organism have a purpose for living. To reach this goal they fought as much as possible.

Picture1Life is a choice. Our choice is  to be good or to be bad in our life. Life depends on us how to look at it and then depend on the environment that affect us. Sometimes we can not control ourselves when we reach our goal and our dreams.

In life we will not be apart of the problems. Every organism will inevitably face the problems. Both problems within ourself, family problems, love problems, friendship problems, office problems, school problems or other problems. Takes a struggle to resolve it . Hard struggle or not depends on how we view or on our perspective to the problem.

There are positive and negative side to view the problem. How to view the problem in term of the negative side is that we perceive it as being the worst thing in our lives, such as a deadly poison our minds and hearts. If we view the problem in term of the positive side is seeing the problem as a teacher of learning for a better life in the future. With the problems a lot of experience and wisdom that we get. Given a problem, usually we will be closer to God, with the problems, so mentally and our perspective will be different. Whatever we can positively view it as a good teacher who taught us to goodness .

A good way to solve the problem is through introspection ourselves. Make corrections for ourselves for the better of life. Life is a Picture2choice, so choose for goodness, with introspection, we can live with honesty and sincerity .

In life , we are not only ask everything to God. We shall fight for the happiness of the world and happiness of the hereafter. Happiness can not be measured by material or any money. Happiness can not be bought with money. But happiness is not free. To obtain the happiness we shall pay with the struggle. And we have a lot to be grateful for what is given by God. With grateful, hearts will be calm and God will add favors and good fortune to us.

And the other, the struggle to make ends meet in the world, both basic needs, primary or tertiary need. The struggle to reach a goal or struggle for position, education or achievements. It is a struggle to make ends meet in the world. But all this does not necessarily lead us to goodness. The key is grateful. Struggling with grateful makes our life will be wonderful.

The next struggle is a struggle to make ends meet after life. It’s closer to religion and God. While living in the world, if we get what we needs, it will not mean anything if we do not prepare for after life. For that we have to prepare ourselves for life in the world to get the necessities of life and happiness in the afterlife.

Life is a struggle to obtain happiness in this world and the hereafter. Always grateful and sincere, so that all the problems that come to us can be resolved properly and correctly.

Picture3If we can not resolve the problem, never view it as a failure. However, view it is as something delayed success.

No word for failure in life, if we really struggled to get it.

I have experienced in the failure and I also got the problems. So did you as well. But with self introspection and alwasy be grateful,we can solve everything well.