Hmm.Now I write an article again..^_^. I want share a story that I got from watching a movie. For me, all movie have lessons and positive side that we can learn from it. Have you watched this movie, it has more inspiring and motivation, “Something The Lord Made? This movie is old movie and true story in medical at Johns Hopkins University. And after i watched this movie. I got more spirit for the next.

A carpenter, Vivien Thomas is 19 years old and he lived with his wife and his children in Nashville. He is a descended of African-American black man. He had passion to be a doctor but he couldn’t continue his study due to cost. Even Nashville Bank for saving his money was bankrupt, it made he lost his passion and impossible to continue his study.

Dr. Alfred Blallock, he is a genius doctor while doing research at Johns Hopkins University’s Laboratoty. He recruit Vivien Thomas for his employee to clean his laboratory. Vivien started to caring dogs. He did his job well and when he had free time he read medical books of Dr. Blallock at laboratory. And, a doctor saw it and asked Vivien about Vivien’s passion. A doctor shocked because Vivien told that he wanted to be a doctor.

Dr. Blallock gave a test him  lifted glass and other equipment of laboratory with a clamp and he was an expert of carpenter so he did it test well.  Dr. Blallock knew about ability of Vivien and he knew Vivien has big enthusiastic so a doctor gave a laboratories coat to Vivien.

The doctor’s research was baby blue syndrome treatment, and he asked Vivien to join to help him. And, Vivien accepted it, he always read and learned medical book. And, one day Vivien found the right way to treat  baby blue syndrome, snap blood vessel and sew to connect it again that the Vivien’s mind. Then, a doctor decided surgery a blue baby Eileen Saxon with the help of Vivien. At that time, Medical embraced to not touch cardiac and no surgery cardiac. This treatment was new breakthrough in Medical. And, finally this surgery succeeded in treating baby blue and more people come to treat their baby.

This movie title come from Dr. Blallock quotes to Vivien after Atrial Septectomy surgery: “This looks like Something The Lord Made”.

This movie also describe the condition of America in 1930, race was a big issue in discrimination people. The white’s people were superior than black people or other ethnic. Although Vivien had more contribution in this research, Dr. Blallock never said Vivien’s name on news and interview for public. And, Vivien got low salary also, same with other lowest level employee. Vivien felt disappointed and felt disrespected. And, finally Vivien resigned from Dr. Blallock job.

Actually, he loved that job and he loved medical, then he rethink again, his wife asked also to get old job and worked with Dr. Blallock. Until finally Vivien become manager in Laboratory after Dr. Blallock died. All prayer, patience, enthusiastic and his effort was paid. In 1975 Johns Hopkins University admitted his effort, his effort and his creation in medical. This was supported by American government that no discrimination race and black skin.

With the official ceremony, he was awarded the degree of “Honorary Doctorate” from Johns Hopkins University, because he never got formal education in medical, so he got an award “Honorary Doctor of Law” and not “Honorary Doctor of Medical”. And, Vivien was appointed as surgery lecturer in Medical Johns Hopkins University. And, the painting of his portrait arranged to have it hung next to Blalock’s and other genius doctor’s painting from university. It is an honor for him.

He had more awards such as Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur, the Passano Award, the Matas Award, and the Albert Lasker Medical Research Award. (

We can watch this movie on youtube. More lesson we can get from this movie. The struggle of Vivien to defend his right and equal position in term of race on job. Generally, in our job field, education is the most important to know intelligent and professionalism of employee. The high education will get high position in work. Yea…that is real, but some company can see other side of employee such as expertise that never get from formal education. Although employee didn’t get higher education, they have right to get high position and even company support and give scholarship to continue their study with the agreement before.

Don’t care those who belittle and laugh at our dreams and desires, but we should focus and believe and look back as lesson and be sure we are able to pursue and get it. Then, all people will be amazed, they are not able to close their mouth and shocked when they see our result.

Desire and love for job will defeat selfishness and can give good result that useful for other. In addition, sometime we want to be famous for what we do and we will feel very offense if our work is not appreciated. Persistence, enthusiastic, patience and keep trying as well to be honest and sincere, it will beat everything. We can pursue what we expected and what we would want to get. And, finally people will appreciate and admit or acknowledge it.

And the most important is “education”. Although Vivien didn’t study in formal high education because the cost of school, this was not a barrier for him to pursue his dream. Enthusiastic to learn self-taught and always reading and get information that connect with dreams, focuss and never give up, sincere and loving what we are doing.

Well…you are lucky can study in formal high education, you are taught and not only learn self-taught, you are directed and guided by your lecturer. Don’t waste those chances and this time for you to be great people, even you can be greater than Vivien who didn’t learn in formal education.

Appreciate, respect to teacher and maximum using your time in education. You have to realize who you are, this time and who you will be in the future. Be honest and sincere and also enthusiastic to pursue your dream. And, the most important never forget to our creator Allah SWT and always obedient our parents. InshaAllah everything will be OK. You will get what you wish and what you want. If not now, it doesn’t mean failure, but Allah SWT know better for us. He will give chance for us in the right time and the right place.





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