Last article, I wrote about appreciation our effort, and now I still write about appreciation, because for me appreciation is so amazing word.

i-appreciate-you-say-the-friendsWhat did you feel when your friend flout your opinion? What did you feel when your friend didn’t give positive view about your extraordinary life? What did you feel when you tell your valuable experiences to your friends, but  your friends give ordinary response and they consider themselves more powerful than you? And, even you got critics that shouldn’t appropriate for you.

As long as we live in this earth, we are a social human that need other human to live together with . We always live side by side with other, surely we have bad or good experience with them. As long as we live, we got positive or negative respond about what we have done. And, even we do positive things, they would give negative respond or critic us. This is a human nature that they never satisfy about what they have seen and what they have received, but they should control and manage themselves for this. Although things that happened is true and real, but still there is something lack and even searching for things that can cause it is wrong. The greatest or the best who you are, bad critic still for you, even if you are nothing. No matter how good person you are, there will always be someone criticizing you.

Appreciation is a wonderful thing copy

If you are given a glass half filled with water, I think your view and your friend’s view will be different. There will give an answer that a glass half filled with water and other will give an answer that a glass half empty. This shows that humans has different view when they see the same thing. That is the same with us, they will see as negative or positive side about our life.

Based on your opinion, what is wrong with this? What is lacking about it? Only one word need to solve it, “APPRECIATION”. There imagesis no appreciation about what other have done, what other people do effort, there are no recognition and always treat themselves are on top for everything. We are as human surely have ego and arrogant character and some people can manage it and other not.

When you give a report to your boss, what do you feel if your boss ask you to put it on the table without see it? Surely you feel that your boss don’t regard your effort and you will think it is useless. And, you will feel disappointed and even not do maximum about your work. The other situation, what do you feel if your boss ask you to sit on a chair while saying “Good” and “Thank you”. Surely you feel so happy and even jumping up and down with exciting outside his room. Although you get two word “Good” and “Thank you” from your boss. That’s words are able to change your mood and encourage yourself to do your next report and other jobs. This shows that appreciation to other or appreciation from other to us give positive aura and encourage us to do next activity.

What will you feel if your boss scolded you all out because you made some mistakes? Maybe you would shock, cry, fainting and not encourage to work, even you want to resign (don’t do this, its look like you are not professional to manage it). Sometime a boss is angry and searching for some mistakes from you, surely you would lose spirit to go to work. And, you feel like a minute sleep when you are getting up, you feel like a year when waiting to go home after doing your work.


Another case when I made some mistakes at office, my boss was not angry to me, he said positive and even give bit appreciation to me about what I had done. And, he said “ This is good, but you need to be refined”. One word “Good” is able to cover up the word “Need to be refined”. This didn’t make me pessimistic and depressed, even I was excited and I encouraged to give good report for him.

That’s so amazing word when you give appreciation to other, but why do only few people can do it? And, other people are so difficult to appreciate their friends. Even, that cannot less your sustenance when you give appreciation for other. When you are able to appreciate other they will see you as high-minded person that able to view positive side of other. The people who cannot give appreciation to other people are people who never give appreciation themselves. And, the people who cannot respect and regard to other people are people who never respect and regard themselves.

In addition criticize, before we critic other, we should see ourself first and correction ourself is good or bad. It is not appropriate if we critic other, but we do that we assume wrong about  what they have done.






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