Mathematic is the door and the key of science, every we run then we meet mathematic, although we learn about social science we never far away from it. Since kid we have been taught about mathematic, we knew numbers and add numbers by using fingers. Do you realize that you always right using mathematic when you count your money. And, you always right using mathematic when you count your mark test.

Somepeople thinks “Math is Mental Abuse To Humans” because they don’t find the beauty on it. Math is like horror and ghost that keyboard-fa-do-c-391-147make them scare to learn it. They try to far away and don’t want to know more about mathematic. But don’t you realize that mathematic is look like art and poetry with more beautiful number and symbol. The piano and other instruments can be played if we can play with the numbers that can give nice melody. The algebra, calculus, geometry, statistic, etc. are kind of instrument in our mind that can play the numbers and give the beautiful result when we use it properly. When we proof some formula, mathematic is look like poetry, it is full with symbol and mathematics statement that it has the meaning on it.

How beautiful mathematics, first time you know mathematics make you are curious and you want to solve it properly. When you curious and you learn it, you curious again then you learn it again, you will do continue like this, then it makes you know how beautiful mathematics is. Mathematic will come to close with you if you are not afraid or far from it. For the first time you should try to solve mathematic problems, and you can do it then make you want to try to solve new mathematic problem, and you do it again and again.

The point of to love math is practice..practice..practice… and practice. Never boring with that activity. Then, when you can solve math-and-poetry-quotemathematic problem then make you want to know your next ability to solve it again. You will continue and this makes your mind will always remember about math. Like you love someone, when you love her/him, you always remember her/him, then you always want to know about her/him. You want to know her/his feeling and you want to try to keep contact and give more attention to her/him. It is the same with math, when you give full attention on it, you will know mathematic well, then mathematic will give good feedback to you then you love it.

How lucky you are when you find the beauty on mathematic, you will do like mathematicians that always think positive to solve their problems, think creative, think simplicity, responsibility, do honest, think positive and never give up about their dream and their life. When you love mathematic, you will know that God is so great that has create mathematic for us. Then you try to find and solve a riddle or fun of mathematic because most people love fun and happy condition. So when you find it on mathematic, you will like it.

This is the simple steps how to learn mathematic, do more practice, Love mathematic and know riddle or fun mathematic. And, you will find the change on your mind.

For me, first time I know mathematic since kid, and in elementary school, my teacher always taught me mathematic every day in a class. Then, she gave me more homework so I always practiced on it. Then, my teacher gave me more riddle and fun story about mathematic. Bside thay my parents knew my ability in this subject. They asked me to learn mathematic in university. I did it with feeling love on mathematic.

Math-and-PoetryAnd for you that still learn mathematic, don’t be scare if you cannot solve mathematic problem, it mean that God gives you a chance to be  creative people, because you will think creative to solve it. God gives you a chance to be a people who never give up because you will try to solve it properly. God give you a chance to be a simple human to think and face problems because you will try simple solution to solve it. God give you chance to think positive because you will be positive that you are abble to solve it. God give you chance to be honest, because mathematic is an exact science and it has certainty result that could not be annoyed. God give you chance to know Him, because from mathematic we know one of knowledge that God give to us. This is a foundation and this is a base or key of other science. Only one subject that act like this, it is mathematic.

How beautiful mathematic is. And we should proud to learn and to know more about mathematic. Let’s change your mind to love mathematic.





“What is The Point of Learning Mathematic”. From that title, perhaps we have more answer for that question. Some people said because mathematic is compulsory subject at campus. Some people said that mathematic is the basis of all sciences. Some people said that mathematic can give train to our brain with various tricks in solving problems.

More people don’t like mathematic, even they are allergic and afraid to studying mathematic. More reason because of imprecision in learning and teaching, so the effect did not enjoy when studying mathematic.

I really love mathematic with arithmetic, mathematical proof, and testing with mathematic. Algebra, Riil Analysis, Geometry, Calculus, Statistic, and many more other branches of mathematic that can give positive side to our daily life. The first, I thought that learning mathematic only need calculator and count the numbers. But it is totally wrong because mathematic focuss on analysis, comprehension, thinking with logic and imagination.

Sooo what is the point of learning mathematic… my experiences, other’s experiences and opinion got  the point of learning mathematic, there are :

  • Mathematic teaches us to never give up. Mathematic is an exact science. All of mathematical proofs and all of mathematical problems can be solved although it will need a long time to solve it. In solving its, we will use more methods until we get solution. It teaches us to never give up, trust and focuss in solving when we face the problems.
  • Mathematic teaches us to critical thinking. We have more methods in solving mathematic’s problems to get right and accurate solution, and we can use all of that methods, but we will choose the right, accurate and efficient methods that can solve its problem, and also in our daily life, we have more methods or way to solve our problems, and we have to critical thinking to choose the right, accurate and efficient methods.
  • Mathematic teaches us to systematical thinking. With the rules and systematic way to solve mathematical problems, it has
  • accustomed us to act and think systematically. All that we do must have a systematic basis and according to the rules, then we can easy to solve the problems without disobey the rules.
  • Mathematic teaches us to be accurate, careful and not sloppy. In solving mathematic’s problems, we have to notice the numbers, the methods and also how to analysis it with accurate. Writing the numbers, placement of commas, operation of numbers, etc. It must be done by accurate, careful and not sloppy. If we do wrong, it can get fatal error in the final solution. It teaches us always act and think with accurate, carefully and not sloppy and we will be far from fatal error.
  • Mathematic teaches us to be patient. It is not easy to solving mathematical problems. But we have to be sure to solve it although it needs more time. Never give up and accurately when we give complicated and long answer. We will not despondent to solve it. If we do wrong method, we will try to reanalyze again to get right answer. Even we reanalyze from the beginning until we get solution. We feel satisfied after we get answering based on our own mind and do not do cheat. This teaches us always to be patient to face every problem and be sure that we will get goodness and positive in life.
  • Mathematic is basis of other sciences. It is not only in arithmetic or accounting, but also in all of sciences. It can be applied in all of sciences and knowledge, for example economic, social, politics, criminal, etc. Thinking with mathematic can support to thinking and with other sciences and knowledge.
  • Mathematic teach us to think deductively. We get conclusions by common things and not in specific things so we spare from the conclusion by chance. Example myth. Some people will think that accident of train is caused by myth reason like victimizing, and every year that place will ask victim and more accident will happen. But factually, we must reanalyze logically, what causes it, it could be by machines error, rail error, human error or other rationale reasons.
  • Mathematic teaches us to not easy to trust and believe in a short incident. It will find all reasons and try to positive thinking to accept it. Every incident has reasons why it has occurred.
  • Mathematic teaches us to be firm or emphatic in taking decisions. It won’t like rambling and uncertain things. All things logically and decided base on seen, proper analysis and rules.

That’s some of the point of learning mathematic. Very positive, and no reason for us to hate and don’t like mathematic. If we frequently do exercise, curious about the answer and frequently learning mathematic in any method, we will assume that mathematic is so attractive and not difficult. Learning mathematic is the development of rationale thinking and can be applied in daily life.

Mathematic is so beautifully and so attractive. More positive things in learning it. Let’s throw all of negative thinking about mathematic. Try to like and love mathematic and everything in our life. If we enjoy and love it, we will follow it with confidence and patient. So that we will be able to keep and care about it.

Let’s enjoy and love mathematic…^_^





Now I wanna share about Math … Please enjoy this post. I like math since I studied at elementary school. I do not know why, I think because of my teacher and my parents. They always taught me math every day.

Mathematics related to logic and emotion to solve the problems. Usually mathematics related with numbers and math symbols. Since we were kid, we had been taught math. Such as we were going to say “one, two, three.” When we buy something, we pay in certain amount of money. It is the result of mathematical calculations.Mathematics is always around us and it is impossible to hate mathematics.

Many people believe that mathematics is the science that we make so boring. This is because of we can not change our mind set that math is horrific into math is fun. Even if math is a hobby for us in solving problems. Think math is a game, like a detective solve the problems using many tricks and intrigue. In one issue can use variety of methods and different ways of solution, but give the same solution.


Mathematics is the king of science that became the basic of the science. In the opinion of experts that mathematics as a servant of the other sciences. Mathematics is the basic of science. Mathematics has been known for thousands years before century. Mathematical sciences give idea to create somethings. We will not know the computer, phone, robot, mobile phones, etc if we don’t use a math science.

In physics science, using mathematics to calculate the magnitude of a force, to calculate distance of planet to sun, to calculate the electric current strength. In economics and finance we are also using math to calculate profit, loss and the percentage of bank interest. All science uses mathematics as a basic of the other science. No reason that we hated mathematics.

I love math and love very much to math. For me mathematics is an art and beauty. Art plays with numbers and logic. Mathematics is not only to count the number using a calculator, but math is playing game of logic, imagination and emotion. Thank for God, I got study without university entrance test in one of the best universities in Indonesia.

Many things that I have when I learned mathematics. Positive science, and creative thinking, never give up and curiosity to solve problems. For me, I never stop to solve math problem until I get solution using my mind. Because of that I am stubborn girl. Math can make me critical to think but be patient to solve a problem. I will never stop to solve it until I get solution. So it character become my habit in my life.

Sometime some people say, why we must learn mathematic in school, make we are boring with formula. And in our job, we never use that formula.

But for me, just take a positive thinking for it. Although in our work never use that formula, but we have a critical, creative and good logic to solve a problem because of math.

Mathematical sciences is the most basic science, because

  • When we were three years old must have taught mathematics. For example, when say “one, two, three.”
  • We’re never can be separated from mathematics. So people say math is basic science.
  • Mathematics is an exact science and no doubt for it.
  • Advanced technology is built of mathematics, such as a computer language that uses figures compiled into a programming language.
  • In a economic, we sell and buy something are using the mathematical sciences.
  • In the competition game had to use math to calculate the point who the winners and who the losers.
  • Mathematics is every thing in our life. No body not use math in their life.

I have a few ways that I use to favor math, may be you can try, such as :

  • I always enjoys with mathematics.
  • Eliminating the assumption that math is horrific.
  • Mathematics is an exact science, so there is no doubt for it.
  • Always enjoy and solve the problem of math and enjoy play math game.
  • Never give up and always try to be able to answer the math problems
  • Discuss to solve math problems with other.
  • Think that numbers is a beautiful painting.
  • Write mathematical formula. For me, I wrote the formula on the sheet and displayed on my bedroom wall.
  • Mathematics is not a boring lesson, but the lesson that makes us curious and be able to solve the problems.
  • Math force us to be dicipline on doing all activity.
  • 12. Math make us to be patient and stubborn.
  • 13. Always think that “I CAN DO IT”.
  • 14. Often make imagination with mathematics.

Math is the beautifull. Mathematical is knowledge that comes from God. Math is an exact science that there is no doubt of it. Do not be afraid in solving problems. Don’t be afraid to make mistake. Because of the mistakes we may know the truth, or force us to do things better.

Sometimes we do not know the truth and we do not get right information to do the right thing. If we do and make mistake, we can see the reaction of the environment, and we can learn what they want. Never stop adding our knowledge, it  doesn’t  get from school, but we can get when we read books. Because book is a silent and faithful teacher.

Take a look:

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

We assume:

1  2  3  4  5  6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.

So if we add the:


8 +1 +18 +4 +23 + 15 +18 +11 = 98%


11 +14 +15 +23 + 12 +5 +4 +7 + 5 = 96%


1 +20 +20 +9 +20 + 21 +4 +5 = 100%


12 +15 +22 +5 +15 + 6 +7 +15 +4 = 101%

Love of God is more important in our life.

Lets enjoy with mathematics.

by MEYF ^_^