Please watch this video first. This is so amazing and give us motivation about never give up about struggling of life.

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11995-I-Am-GratefulMaybe we don’t know about him. His name is Nicholas James Vujicic who doesn’t have arms and legs since he was born. This condition is out of his ability, if he can choice he will not be here, but it cannot be changed because it has been since he was born. When he was kid he thought that he wanted to have arms and legs. He just focused and worry on his disabled condition, he thought that he cannot do anything. All people laughed him and see him like a monster. He wanted playing football like other boy. He felt depression and sometime want to end his life. He thought that he never marry with a girl and he never gets job because of his condition. Finally, he realised that he shouldn’t think like that, he should move on and get up. And, he can prove it. Now he has job as motivator. He lives with his beautiful wife and his cute son. His principles for this all always have feeling grateful to his God.

He never gives up to learn how to stand up again if he falls to the ground because he didn’t know how to stand up without arm and leg. He tries..and try.. again and again without give up. He got 100 fails to stand after fall to the ground, then he tried again until he can do it. It is the same with our life, when we are in good condition and we are in comfort zone, we never think that we will fall to bad condition. Sometime we don’t get ready to that. Then, when we fall to bad condition we don’t know how to stand up again, we do not know how to stand up from adversity. But he shows that he can stand after fail for 100 times. It means if we can do like him that we can stand up from adversity after we try to not give up and make it be good.

When he wants to move to get something he should walk with his small leg, but it needs a long time because of short step moving. Then, he thought how to get long step moving. And, he did jump with right action. Although James Zubicic are disabled person, but his mind and his heart are not disabled. He knows his ability. He always feel happy and think that his life is like journey and beautiful. The most important is always say thank to God.

We can take positive about his life. Now see ourselves. We should always say thanks to God, that we have perfect limbs. We can if-you-are-grateful-allah-will-give-you-moreplaying football, we can write, we can take  things and we can run. We have good physic. We should can do more than him. When we fall down and we feel depression and we should know how to stand up and not give up, we shouldn’t think to regret about our life, but we should grateful to God for every condition we are. We know that Allah SWT promises, if we always grateful to Him, we will get more fortune than now. Yea, that is true. Every we say thank to God, we feel satisfied, we feel better and sometime we feel easy to face our life. When we want to solve our problem or pursuit our dream, we will focus on it and try the way to get it without give up. And, we realize that we have potential and we have ability to do it. We should focus on our ability and not care about underestimate of other about us. We can do more than them and even make them shock about what we can do. Sometime we think it is impossible, when we believe that will happen, it will be possible.

Life is not always good and happy, we will face sadness, depress, so what should we do? Does we focus and cry on it? Or will we try to escape from it with good solution. That our choice because we run it. If we want to get good in life so we will try to think how to escape from bad condition, we shouldn’t quite and cry about it without doing anything. We must move on and think positively to get  good then. We are great person that God create and we should thank for that. And, we realize as a great person will think great about our life now and future.

So, the most important in our life is grateful about what we have and what we get. This can change our mind to think better, do better and get better things.







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