quotes-doing-easily_14656-1Yesterday, I uploaded more song video from youtube in my facebook. I downloaded it because I awesome about them, they sing the songs of the artist with their ability. Maybe some people will say that they imitated or they are not creative, but we take positive from it. They have a talent and they can express it, and they are famous from it. They have more friends over the world, and they are famous as an artist or musicians. And, it is not possible if they get an offer to be famous singer. This is their talent that they can express it for other.

A few years ago, I always read articles from blog or magazines, in my mind I thought that how they can do it? How they think to write that article. And, they share good information and good knowledge for everybody. And, if we need information, it can be taken directly by type the topic in mister google and we get it in a minute. How great they are. They can express their mind, they can share information and knowledge by their ability.

In some countries have the programme of television about talent. The participant shows their ability in more field, singing, dancing, playing music, paying magic, or other activity they have it and they can show how amazing they are.

When I see myself and I asked myself what is my talent? How can I know it? How can I develop it? How can I express it?  How can I share good for other? Maybe somebody will think like me as well. When we don’t know what is our ability.talent_-_320_wide

Nowadays,  the hot issue is about selfie. Everyone takes their own picture, then they upload it in social media. They get more comment. Some selfies are extreme close-ups, others show of an arm held straight outward and a few the great one feature is standing in front of bathroom mirror so they get full body. More selfie style people show for other. More reason why they take selfies. Maybe to  get attention from many people possible, to show off their own great achievement, to get self-esteem boost, etc. The positive from this they have confidence to express their ability in front of camera. And, maybe they know their talent after positive response from other people. The chance to be a photographer or a model.

How about us if we don’t know our talent. Does everybody have it?

Talent is God gift for us, and we have it. Talent is not only able to singing, writing, playing piano, playing football. But being creative people and give bright idea, able to teaching, able to motivating other, this is kind of other talent that we can focus and develop it. Talent is high potential, it is the skill inherent in the individual. And, everybody has it. Just the problem is how to know it, maybe from other people who can see our talent or from ourselves afterthought in a long time, or it appears alone after we can do something and do focus it.

erica-jong-quotes-talent-quote-pictures-saying-picsSomebody is able to know other talent, if they want, they will develop other talent and give attention to grow it. This usually do in human resource in company, when they know the talent of their employee, and it will be useful for company, they will focus and grow their employee’s talent and they point to company goal.

For me, it is difficult to know my talent, I can writing, teaching or playing music instrument, cooking and creative with handicraft. But I don’t know which one is my talent. And, I just do what can I do and always improve and develop it, hope it will be useful for other.And how about you?