I just want to share a little experience about writing. During I was in a school, language was very bored subject for me. Every holiday, I always had homework to write my experience about holiday. I  was really hate made essay. I was really hate writing. For me writing was boring and so difficult than I learn mathematic.

Maybe, I was not able to stringing words because I thought that writing must follow more rules and must stringing nice words, then I couldn’t express my ideas become an essay, a paper or an article. If I had homework about writing at school, my grade always was worst grade than my friends grade at class. So writing was the most hates subject and I always ignored it.

But now, writing is my hobby. I cannot leave it, I cannot ignore it. At least I can make one essay or one article in a day or in two days. How was the mood, I still write and express my idea, my experience, my feeling at there, and I hope my article/essay will useful for others.

First time, my sister asked me to read a book, it was novel, religious book and general self-motivation book and also self-improvement book. From reading I got ideas and opinion about what I had red, then it had become my habit after I read a book, we discussed and argue to express our opinion. “The writings start from what we know, knowledge start from what we read”.

But it did not take a long time, when I cannot argue with my sister, I couldn’t express my idea and my opinion, it held in the heart and sometime just imagine. I realized need something that can express it all. I took my pen and wrote on a paper. I tried to inscribe ink on the paper. I tried to express my idea and my opinion at there. But it was not easy like argue and talking directly about opinion. With writing and bad vocabulary, I forced myself to write and I tried to repair it into good essay, and until now, writing is really important and be my habit, and I really like writing. May when you read my first article in my blog, its look stiff and uninteresting, because I couldn’t choose a good vocabulary to write it.

We should force to write until be habit, although we don’t have an idea, we should force to write and never give up to write. First, we feel it so difficult and so boring, but gradually it will be easy and be usual. Writing mean express and share information, knowledge and idea to others and we hope useful for them. We must train and repair it until give a good writing. Although we have a strong will for writing, if we don’t do it and  try to write, it is the same with we want something, but we don’t do effort to get it.

For me, first time in writing is an expression my idea and opinion into an essay or an article. Second, read it and ask opinion from other. We can share in social media to ask their opinion. If it needs improvement, I can repair it until give good writing.

More advantages from writing. Writing force us to add our knowledge and our information with reading and searching more information. Read this proverb,  “The good  writer, because he is a good reader”. By writing, we can express our idea and our opinion about something. By writing, we can share our knowledge and information to others. By writing, we can add our vocabulary, information and knowledge and also our friends.

I quote from a paper, it explains about Alqur’an Surah Al’Alaq ayah 1-5. It tells that Islam support knowledge and education. How really important to us to write and to read, further determine the universe, then explain about humans believe in Allah SWT. In this surah explains that the most important of reading (Iqra’) and writing (Allama bi Al-Qalam) as the important of human doing than other creator. The 4th ayah has a word Qalam, it means is a pen. A pen is a tool for writing. This mean that Allah SWT teach us through intermediaries Qalam (a pen), it means ask us to write and read.

Writing is better than memory or power of mind. Our brain has limit capacity. So by writing we can save what in our mind and share with others.

Here are some opinion of experts,

Imam Syafi’i, “Science is like a harvest / hunting in the sack, writing is bond”.

Ali bin Abi Thalib, “Tie science with writing”.

Nelson Mandela, “Education is a great and amazing weapon that can be used to change the world.”

Napoleon Bonaparte, “ I am scare with a pen of writer than 1000 weapons of soldier”.

This shows how really important and useful of writing.

Let’s … writing…Express your idea and share with others. Start now with write what you have known, write your experiences and your feeling. “Writing can change the world”. By writing, we can create a book even thousands books. A book is a dumb of teacher that teach us and always loyal to share it’s knowledge.


BY meyf



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