What would you think if you hear a word success?

He is a success man because he often goes around the world. He is a success man because he has more companies and hired more employee in his company. He is success man because he has more luxurious cars and houses. He is a success man because he has a lot of area of palm plantation in some provinces. She is a success woman because she is a leader in her province.

And, many things talk about success.

In general, people will see success base on material, wealth, position and power. If someone gives happiness, goodness and benefit to other, but he doesn’t have a lot of wealth, can we say that he is not success? Is it true that only narrow definition of success just base on material, wealth, power and position in this earth?

What about an Ulama (Scholars) is able to give enlightenment life and invite us to goodness and happiness in this world and hereafter, but he doesn’t have a lot of wealth. What about a teacher is able to educate and bring up students to be success in their life, but a teacher doesn’t have a lot of wealth. What about a writer who is able to produce writings that are made to attract the attention of many people to be respected and taken lessons and benefits from that.

We should know what the meaning of success. According to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Dictionary), success is achievement or lucky.  Success in Al Quran divided in three words, they are Al-Falaah, An-Najaat and Al-Fauz. Al-falaath means victory, luck and survival, An-najaat means safety or avoid disaster and the Al-Fauz means success or luck.

For me, success is the peace of mind, happiness and feeling satisfied over the success and achievement of what we dream or what we wish or what we aimed for ourselves, others and also our environments around us. Everyone has different meaning for measurement of success. And, not just in the narrow thinking like has a lot of wealth, high position, big power. Success depend on what we aimed and what we dream of. They will succeed if they win it all, even though other people will think it is not.

Let’s see this story.

There are two friends, called A and B. A study about social life science and B study about an exact science. They choose different way of life. A is being an entrepreneur who has some companies and big power in his country. B always learn and explore science and be able to create an invention that is very useful for us and environment. But B doesn’t have good wealth and power as A. In general, people will say that A is more success than B. But in reality it is not like that.  Because the purpose life of A and B is different.  A and B are success if they have reached their goal and their dreams. In fact, may B is more successful than A, because B can provide a very useful invention for other people without hope anything in return, B feels satisfaction and proud since his invention can be used by everyone. And, more people will appreciate him. And, may B will get many reward and prizes because of that.

A leader who has a lot of wealth, big power and high position will not be successful if there is no goodness in him and he cannot give goodness to his life and his environment. Success in education, if they have invention and give benefit mankind. Success in a family is to be a part of family members who are able to give warmth and kindness to other family members. For a writer, success is when he is able to produce writings that attracted the attention of many people and can take lessons from it. Success for employee is when he is able to be honest, smart and follow the rules as an employee. And, for the wealth, the power and position are just gift of success.

In addition, the success life in the world will not have meaning if we do not strive to achieve success in the hereafter. Success can be achieved in the afterlife if we always follow all the commands of Allah SWT and leave all the prohibitions. People who are more successful and powerful are those who are able to get success in the world with the success of the Hereafter, and it can be useful for others and environment.

In addition, the success would never stop, it is like a staircase and It has a higher level than now. Success today is saving for the next higher success.

And what is success for you…???




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