Continuing of my last article about “Writing is Sharing with Other”. Today, I share about reading.

Definition of reading in “Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia” (Indonesian Language Dictionary) is “Seeing and comprehending contents of what it is written (with oral or in heart). Since kid, we have been taught to read, first we know the alphabets like “A, B, C, D, E,…” then we were string up letters become a word, like “THIS, THAT, ME, BUDI..” then we read the entire book. In Islam we were taught to know Arabic letters, then we were able to read Al Qur’an.

The last time for me, reading was so boring, even I always ignored to reading as well as writing. If I followed activity at school, my favorite subject is exact sciences like math, physics and chemistry. This subject’s didn’t need to read more contents in a book. Another case social sciences like economic, history, geography, etc., and also other sciences like language that need to read more contents in a book.

The first time, I read the entire book until finish is comic. Comic is a book has full picture and almost has funny story and animation that content tends to entertainment, then I started to read novel that was given by my sister. She asked me how important reading. With more read books give advantages to us beside add our knowledge, information, and also entertain in our spare time. From this moment I like reading, until I like to read fiction book: novel and comic, and also non fiction book: self-improvement book, motivation book, inspiration book and biography of the famous people, it’s topic is a religion and general topic.

Sometime, we assume reading just see and spell the letters without comprehend the meaning of what we read. Indeed, first we read a book feel boring, but if we can choose the right to reading, both in terms time, kind of book, and advantage after we read, so it can reduce boring as long as reading. Feeling curious about something and when someone special give a book to us can encourage us to read the books.

Surely, when we read a book, we just read, see and spell the script and we don’t understand what its contents. This is also influenced by memory capacity of our brain and durability of our eyes are only capable to read a book within a few hours. And, the other case, it depends on our habit for reading. The more accustomed we read, the more time reading that we need, even we can understand and comprehend it.

In Al Qur’an, the first revelation to our prophet’s Muhammad SAW (peace upon by him) is Al ‘Alaq in ayah 1 and 3, there are “Iqra” mean “read”. This is clear that in Islam order to reading, how important reading. May more definition for reading, it can read a book or script or it can read our environment and nature. In our religion is encouraged to reading, surely we can get more advantage for our life, our environment and even for our healthy.

Reading can strengthen our brains in working memory. When we read script make our logic, our feeling curiosity and our imagination push ahead our brain to concentrate and thinking. Based on study of Medical Center University, “Reading can make extend the power of thinking. Even reading can prevent Al Zheimer disease.”

Our memory is different with PC’s memory. Although we think that PC is more sophisticated than human. If we always use more memory of PC make lower of PC’s working. This is opposite of human’s memory. If we always use it like reading and thinking make it will be stronger in working.

Reading is good activity in  spare time, rather than we hang out with friend while disturbing others. Reading for a favourites book or entertains book can relieve stress. We will focus and concentrate as long as reading because of this we can forget what the things can make us stress.

Reading can add vocabulary in language even if we find some strange words, it can encourage us to find it meaning. Reading can add our knowledge and positive information. Maybe you have heard this script “Reading can dominate the world”. All information teach us about life, reality, circumstances and other. We will learn it and we will know about it. For example, when we read about geography of a country,  we will be able to tell people about the countries favorite tourist attractions as well as tell the situation, condition and environment to others, even though we have never been visited that country. Because of reading, we become know as much as we ever visited the country.

Reading can encourage and motivate ourselves, especially if we read books that can provide inspiration and encouragement in life. Reading can also establish relationships with others, especially if we and they have in common books read. So often discuss or share information with each other positive.

The more advantages of reading instead. If we were all happy with reading and be familiar with reading, then our country able to compete with other more developed countries. Our country will have the creativity and intelligence that can compete with other countries.

For that let us fill our time by reading, probably first read only 1-5 ​​pages, further to 6-15 pages and so on until the day we may be able to read the two books even more. In this case, reading a book is positive activity. Read good book and do not read a book that is prohibited by our religion and we also know currently reading is only not use book, but many media such as digital through either a PC or a mobile phone provide for reading. Surely we would not want to miss from the other, is not? …

“Let’s make enjoy with reading good things…”




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