I got inspiration to write this article after discussing with my brother.

In phisyc or mathematic, we are familiar with word of vector. It is a scale that has a value and also direction. If we look back to ourselves, it is the same with us, we have a value for ourselves, other and our God. We have direction mean vision, goal and passion for life. Our value is to ourselves to be the best and do the best as ability and we always be blessed by God. Our value is to others to share positive things and do great sincere for them. Our value is to God to obey His orders and to leave His prohibitions.

Beside we have a value, we have a direction. Our direction means our vision, our goal, our dream, our passion or our destination to live in this world and hereafter, to live in dunya and akhirah. Where we will carry our life today, whether to be like usual or be greater than usual or otherwise. It depends on us and depend on how we view our life. With blessed by God and support by others around us.

Living with vision, goal and destination make us live with spirit and we will keep it up to do and reach its. We will do maximum to reach as our ability through effort, dua, believe and trust it can be realize. May others will not agree with us, may others will inhibit or interfere us. But we should focus for what we plan before.

The lifetime is the past, the present and the future time. The past is all events have occurred. That event has occurred before the present. There is mention the past is memories and cannot forget it. Whatever various effort to forget it, the bad or good events, it cannot be forgotten. If we are busy to think about the past, may we will view more terrible in our life. We will not focus to live in the present and to live in the future.

We live for the present and the future, it does not mean we are busy to focus for our sadness in the past then make stultify our life in the present and in the future. It does not mean we are busy to focus for our happiness without doing anything in the present. We can get as lesson for event that occurred in the past, and we expect the bad event will not occurs anymore. We should do everything as good as the past and bad event will not occurs anymore.

If we get a chance to back into the past, what we would do at that time. We would do good things or we would do nothing so we would not get risk.

The present is what we feel and we face today. The present will occur after the past. Today is future for the past. It is not good if we are busy to think about past event, we should think about the present and the future as well, how to life, what we want to carry our visions, our goals, our dreams or our destinations to live in the future. But it doesn’t mean we just focus how to life in the duniya like find more money, power, position, etc. Also we should focus to think how to live in akhirah as well. We should choose to success life in duniya and akhirah. We will not forget to obey God and leave His prohibitions, then we will be blessed by Him and so far we will be given the ease to do our visions and our dreams.

Living for the future mean we are trying to prepare as well as we will save our life for duniya and akhirah, then we will get good and great live there. Living for the future will run consistent with our visions and destination if we have good planning and good spirit to reach it.

Having dreams, goal and passion is positive things to encourage life. For the past, every’s people have different way to respond event in the past. For me, I want to forget bad event, but I ll take positive it and I hope will never occur anymore. It will become a lesson for today and future.

We will not change to be good if we will not change it by ourselves.  We will not go forward or go ahead if we still think and focus about past. We cannot succeed to run our life if we cannot learn and take positive about the past. It depends on us and our view about the past, the present and the future. We should control ourselves and our mind to choose positive or negative things. Life is a choice, we choose to be good or we choose to be bad. It is in our heart, our mind and our action.

I have a dream and passion for the future and of course, I will get more obstacles to reach it. It is enough, me and God know it. Do effort, dua and trust and keep spirit in life although we will face more people will not agree with us. Just be who we are and do great in our life.

Always keep it up in life and reach our dream, passion and goal for happiness and wealth life in duniya and akhirah. And don’t forget to think who we are, always close to God as our God, then everything will be easier to do and all our dreams will be blessed by Him.

by MEYF ^_^


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