Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim …

Today I tried to write again, after I was off for a few  months. Many events that happened as a lesson in my life. Good-bad, sick-healthy, happy-sad, disappointed-satisfied and everything I had got it. All of that events are as lesson to be better in my life. But sometime I am not able to accept it specially bad things, so that the incident is like a disaster that’s scary for my life.

In life, we have hopes and desires. Hope and desire to good life, to study, to marry, had a love, to get peace of life, etc. This all gives us encourage to stay and alive. We always try to make effort to obtain it.  Whatever effort and the way that we do to reach its and whatever the response of others to see our effort, but we still are struggling to get it. But we have to keep in mind and heart to choose which one is good and right way to get it, so that is not conflict with our religion and conscience.

I have a lot of hopes and desires, there are some that have been achieved and there are some that still trying to achieve it. And, even there are not yet achieved. It is difficult to pass when hopes and desires are not achieved. But for me, I ll try to think positive and get rid of thinking negative as much as possible. Many positive perceptions about it, there may Allah SWT has not given a chance for us because there are still shortcomings in ourself, there may be events that will be better than what we hope, or there may have run a long way to get it. For it is one of the steps that we should do is to have self-introspection in ourself. So that we can obtain well what we hope and what we desire.

Sometimes in this life has a strong ambition to get something that we hope and desires. But, if we don’t base on religion and God, all we have gained is not blessing for our life. We have hope and desire for a certain thing, and we have been confidence to get it, although others will think that it is impossible.  But please don’t be discouraged, always able to have confidence and trust to Allah SWT and always say thank to Him, by His power we ll get what we hope. Insya Allah…

Just, never waste what we have gained at this time, so we do not let regrets happen in the future. Sometime, we have something at this moment, and we do not appreciate it. But when we lose it, then we realize that something is very precious and valuable in our life.

And while we have gained something and we still feel doubt about it, while we’re trying to remove it with sincerity, and if it returns to us, it means Allah SWT give it for us and if it does not return to us, it means that there are more good things that Allah SWT has given for us.

One thing that has always been a guideline in my life is always doing an act with sincerity and only because of Allah SWT, optimistic without a sense of arrogant and conceited, then we will get it and will be beautiful of in the end.


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