Please Think Again!!! What is the meaning of Study at School/College for You ?

When I teach some students at campuss, suddenly I think about this and I ask them “What is the meaning of study at school or college for you? “. They didn’t give answer, just quite.

Hmmm…I ll give my opinion about this. If you don’t mind, please response my opinion.

Actually more question that I have though before. There are :

  • –     What is the meaning of study at school or college by you?
  • –     What is the purpose of study there?
  • –     Are you worry or afraid if other say you are poor and not able to pay school fee?
  • –     Are you worry and afraid if other say that you are lazy man?
  • –     Or are you worry and afraid if other said that you are stupid?
  • –     Or do you study because of finding GF / BF?
  • –     Or finding wife / husband?
  • –     Or other reason to find relationship and good knowledges…

Please think about it again!!!





Think now !!!


Have you Finished???


What For ????




Remember that we just have a chance or opportunity only once time…we don’t know we will get it again for the next, may be YES or may be NO. If yes..its mean how lucky you are…but if no…how do you feel?…regret, angry, cry, dissapointed or may be desperate..

So don’t let it go…don’t let opportunity to study and do positive was lost.

We always try to do positive and maximum as if we die tomorrow and no chance anymore.

So…don’t waste your time, do maximum and positive in your life. If you get chance for study, do it properly!!!

Do you realize that study need cost…its not low but high cost…not only from money or material, but for energy, mind (brain) and time that you use for study.

Would you waste it and let it go and do nothing to get it??

How bad you are…if you like that…

Most people want to study, but they don’t have ability to study…

You always come to campuss, late and sometime you didn’t give attention when your lecturer give you knowledges. You didn’t use maximum your time to study that you have paid for it. Don’t you realize that your time was lost without get nothing and you didn’t get knowledge properly. You have got chance to study and you able to pay it, but you didn’t use it maximum…

How so excessive you are…

Study is not just to get high score, but the point is to change your mind set, take responsibility, take politeness and take honesty and also confidence for do everything. Study is not only memorize formulas, not only make homeworks for get good score.

More students said that “ I don’t like that subject, its so difficult”, or  “I hate that subject since I have been kids and since my grandparents learned its, and haven’t understood about it.” Or “I hate that subject because a lecturer couldn’t teach properly”..or bla…bla..bla…more reason that we can’t accept it.

Oh My God.!!!

No reason to say its Impossible to do, no reason to say I can’t do it. No reason to hate something..

Please think that IMPOSSIBLE is the meaning I M POSSIBLE.

Please…change your mind for the positive things..waste the hatred and boredom…make curious and wanna know about that subject, think that why other can learn it..but why we can’t learn it, whereas we are same study there and same get opportunity. Just think that everything we have done will run smoothly and easy.

The key of study is love that subject, if you love it you will be easy to learn it. As we know that everything that we love always give full attention and care for that.

Think that subject is your lover. And you love your lover, you always give attention and care for her/him. Although you get trouble or hard to get her/him, but you never give up to do effort and you feel easy to face troubles.

Please assume and think that, we do study for this reason :

  •   1.    Get responsibility and get discipline in time
  •   2.    Get honesty, when we answer the exam
  •   3.    Get cooperation, when we make homework with our mates
  •   4.    Get patience, when we make homework
  •   5.    Get politeness, when we interact with other and lecturer
  •   6.    Build good mind set when we get knowledge
  •   7.    Get creativity, when we solve problems of subject
  •   8 .  Get initiative, when we ask some question
  •   9.    More good reason that you can get from study

So…please try the best in your self… before you lose chances…





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