Make A Big Dream As Long As It Is Free

I still remember when I was four years old, I saw  a picture in magazine, it was so beautiful gardIen and more colorful. Spontaneously, I was thinking about to go there. That gardens was suitable for children like me at that time. It is beautiful garden was named “Taman Topi (The Hat Park) “At the city of Bogor and the location is very far from my hometown. I lived in the province of West Sumatra and Taman Topi located at Bogor, province of West Java. Within the province of West Sumatra and West Java, about 1500 km into 1700 km using ground land transportation and takes three days and two nights of journey. If we use air transportation, it was so expensive. So at the moment it is not possible for us to go there. But after 15 years later, unwittingly and without planning, I could go there any time. Due to the location where I was studying in Jakarta were close to Bogor.

Other stories, while seventh grade Junior High School, my friends told me about their relatives who were studying at a government university, they proudly told me about it because their relatives studied in government university in my hometown. And, suddenly my friend asked me, where did I would study in university, and she teased me that if I was interested and capable to study at top universities in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, to enter bachelor degree in government university we must pass the test and compete with thousands of students across Indonesia. With admission capacities of the average is only about 50-100 students for a particular department. Of course it takes minimum chance for passed it and study there.

And I was spontaneous to answer her question at that time that I wanted to study at the University of Indonesia. They all laughed and said that we would never be able to study there because only smart people from all around Indonesia and abroad will be able to study there. I was silent and just hope that one day I can go to study there. Finnally after five years later, something that is impossible  happened. I followed the program admissions without following university entrance test and only use school achievement scores in high school. Finally, I was accepted as a student at the University of Indonesia, majoring in Mathematics.

When I was studying in senior high school, I had intention to do worship in Makkah like my parents. Although it was realized that this could not be done so easily because it takes a very large cost to perform the rituals of worship. But after a few years later, God gave me the chance, brother and both of my parents to perform Umrah in Makkah. Once again, something that I thought it is impossible happened.

When I have a job, I had intention and desire to continue my study to master degree. And, I still think that it is not easy and may be impossible to do because most of my time is for working and I have to collect a lot of money for tuition fee. Finnally, because of the strong desire and sincere intention,  Allah SWT make it happen. I studied master degree until I graduated in a government of university. Once again some things  is not easy and may be impossible happened.

Before marriage, I also wished to have small group for some students who wanted to study mathematics. We shared knowledge about math and some of subject, and we are able to improve learning motivation for them. And, Alhamdulillah now I ‘ve had some small group of students in my home.

The above story is part of the realization of a wishes, a desire, a dream and a sincere intention to do something and to get it. Although it is possible to be happened even it is impossible to be happened, if God want it will be happened so it will happen (if Allah SWT say “Kun Fa Yakun”).

We live in this world would have a million wishes, desires, dreams and intentions for something, whether we want to get an object, to study, to have a family, a decent life, etc. We had a moment think that the desire is very difficult to happen, even impossible to happen. With a sincere and positive heart, it can change everything. Everything will be realized and given the ease in obtaining it. In order not to give a sense of disappointment and pride in ourselves that we should believe and trust to Allah Almighty, always pray, do effort and think positive that these desires will happen, even if it takes a long time to make it happen. And, for all the results, we submit to God, if it does not realize does not mean we are bad, but Allah Almighty knows what is best for us.

I’m sure that whatever I think and I want, although only briefly in my mind, then someday it will happen. And, the other story, when I miss someone that has not been met and did not know the information from him, suddenly Allah gave me the opportunity to find him in social media. For that all, mind and heart are very influential in every our lives. For that all, we have to try to be positive in thought and action (some people say it is easy to say, but we realize that it is not easy to do).

Think positive and sincere intention and sincere desire to be able to realize our dreams. The mind will indirectly provide encouragement to make it happen, and in fact, we felt the conditions in which all provide an opportunity to us to make it happen.

Make a big dream as long as it is free.” Dreaming and the desire to obtain something, for family, for as high school, owning a business, working in reputed companies and many other positive things. Never be afraid of wishing and dreaming because of what we are dreaming of, we have to get a way to live and of course we shouldn’t leave and ignore life in the hereafter. We have the positive intention and sincere heart, do effort and pray, think positive and believe God will allow and give us opportunities to get it and to achieve it. Hopefully then it all will be happened so beautifully. Aameen …

by MEYF ^_^


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