LoVe tHe LoVeR

Love is a gift from God. It cannot be exchanged for anything. It cannot be bought or paid in cash. It was there in the sacred heart.  It could come any time and we don’t know when, where and how. It can come to anyone without our prior. It can come at the right time or even when that is not right.

Love is crazy, love is blind, love is unpredictable. Sometimes love is painful, but nevertheless remains that love cannot be eliminated. Love means we care and respect each other, mutually supportive and comforting, reminding each other to be goodness, trust and attention and make ourself be better in this world and hereafter.

Love because of good physical, wealth, and position or all of material things, it is not true love because all of its will be lost and our love will be lost as well. True love will be always in our heart, never lost although we are not with lover, but it still keeps in our heart. True love will be never ending. We love the lover what he is that can guide us into God. We love for all his strength and his weakness.

Love for God is a love most appropriate because the love of God will never be lost. Love to lover because of God, it will be maintained in our hearts because we hope that our love will be blessed by God. Love to lover may come at the right time or not. Maybe we feel love when that is not right when we already has and it may be difficult for us and otherwise it may be difficult as well if a love is coming when no one has. However, love as a gift from God. Because of love, we know lover each other, we feel peaceful and happy life.

For those who have a love, be grateful and hopefully meet with lover who loves. Hope Allah blessed our sincere love and given the opportunity to live together. And, thanks to my lover who loves me sincere and hope Allah hafidz and bless our love. Amin

by MEYF ^_^


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