Well now I wanna share again.

Consider this Picture 1, what is the picture that you can see?


Picture 1

The first thing that you can see is a picture of old man with white-haired and bearded while stroking his chest, don’t you? Now try to look at Picture 2, what picture that you can see?


Picture 2

I can guess, you think that the picture is a face of someone, don’t you? Now try to look Picture 3, what picture that you can see?


Picture 3

The possibility of the pictures that you can see are two grandparents facing each other.

Are you sure only that picture that you can see? Can not be explained other images by that picture? Try to look carefully. The first thing you can see is a white-haired grandparents who look at each other. Do not you see there are two men use big hat and sitting against a great pitcher. The right side, man are holding a guitar, and there are a woman standing at the door behind him. For the left side, there is a man who was sitting and holding his hat. Have been you sure for that picture? Let’s take a look again.

As shown in the picture above, Picture 1 and Picture 2 is not just a white-bearded old man picture and not just the face painting. But try to see the other side, that the Picture 1, there is a mother who was holding her son and the Picture 2, there is a man playing the saxophone. How great it is, we can see from the other perspective for that picture.

We can conclude that in the picture can be explained more than one meaning. Of course, everything that happens in our lives can be seen from all sides, not just one side but should cover both side or maybe cover more than both sides. We may not judge a thing in a hurry, but we have to find and observe as much as possible all the information.

Thinking like this we know as “Think out of the box”. I think that you had heard this. We do not think just in terms of the ordinary, but we must be able to think out of the ordinary and also from unusual thinking to ordinary thinking. Had you heard about Wright brother, they had an impossible idea and even people thought that their idea was crazy. They wanted to make people can fly into the sky like a bird. Of course this is not possible, because humans didn’t have wings and had a heavy body. But who could guess that they had a great idea. Because their idea, we know what is a plane and  we can fly with a plane. This suggests that unusual thinking can produce an extraordinary thing.

Picture4As my experience when I was working in a private company in the Human Resources department. Their employees still use the old habits. If we did a unusual for something that is not necessarily generate an error, they will immediately complained because they though it is not fair. They could only see from one side. They couldn’t see from the other side and they couldn’t accept the new things. They couldn,t change old habits, it is related to did not want to change the beliefs and did not want to change the old ways. Whereas the old way far behind and we had to accept the new great ways.

Thinking outside of the box is to think and create unusual ideas to provide answers the challenges. This is in the times today and problems from time to time is not the same. We may not use the same methods to solve it. It’s important to try to get out from thinking in the box. People who think in the box is a follower, not creative, and always monotonous in response to a problem.

Think Out Of The Box

So how do we Think Out Of The Box. I get from my experience, from sharing and some references that I have learned, there are many things to do. Among them are

  • Focus and confident in what you’re doing
  • Do not set limits in your mind and dare to do things that challenge
  • Do not be afraid to be weird and do not be afraid of the risks
  • Conducting discussions, ask questions and seek references as much as possible and learn  from the experience.
  • etc

There are many other things that we can do in order to think out of the box. Do not be afraid to be different with others, always think smart and think creatively. Consider the following example.

We know that mathematics is an exact science that everything is determined with certainty. Call it 1 +1 definitely the answer is 2. But we might argue that the answer is not 2, it is 11. It is certainly not wrong and correct if it is sum of the binary. So a new way is not necessarily wrong, and of course we can receive it.

I am writing this blog not only to be shared, but I also have to get used to the thinking outside the box. Because creativity, intelligence and incredible things, perspective and think outside the box is necessary.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” – Mary Lou Cook.


by MEYF ^_^


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