Still remember when I was a kid, my grandmother told me that a woman be like a water-lily. Since the water-lily is very beautiful and glorious.

Picture9 Do you know the water-lily? It is a water plant that floats on the pond. Lotus (Nymphaea) is a genus of aquatic plants from Nymphaeaceae. Its Flower are on the surface of the water, have brightly colored petals such as red, yellow, purple and white and have full circle flower. Water-lily is unique, and able to survive in a place that is not feasible and able to remain strong in all odds.

Although there are plenty of fish in the pond and the water surging in the wind, but water-lily still sturdy upright on the water surface. So did women, although many obstacles and temptations, but women must still endure, strong and sturdy in her life .

Although sometimes pool water was dirty and muddy, but water-lily still produce pretty and beauty flower. Flowers are colorful without being influenced by the dirty water pond where the water-lily lives. As well as woman, although she lives in an environment that does not support her and lives in the environment are always blocking her life, but she was still able to maintain the honor, dignity and be able to keep her honor to be holy, pure and beautiful.

The water-lily is also able to deliver oxygen to the environment that the fish in the pond even bother its stems. This shows that women are able to give kindness and affection to the nearest person, such as husband and her children and her extended family. In fact she was able to give kindness to others. Women should be able to share for the good things and she could mean for others.

Everyone needs a sacrifice to take a water-lily flower because it lives in the middle pond and difficult to reach. But it is very attractive and beautiful. So also a woman, she  keep herself and her honor, so that only certain people who can be approached. And, some people who have good intentions that can only be approached and got her.Picture10

Sometimes people do not realize the beauty of water-lily in the pond because they only see the fish in the pond. But there is only one who will be able to see the beauty of them. This shows that only a few people realize that this woman is highly meaningful and highly valuable, hard to dispose her and hard to forget her.

Women like the water-lily mean women are sturdy, strong and always maintain her dignity and her honor and be able to share the goodness with the people and the environment. Women are beautiful and graceful with all the beauty and has a respectable attitude in her.

But it’s hard to be a woman like a water-lily, sometimes I was also tempted and unable to cope with the environment and momentary pleasures in the world. I am still trying and keeping to be a woman who always maintain the honor and pride and always share kindness to other. So, we will be better in our life.




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