Human was created by God to live together and coexist. They will not be able to life alone. They need friends to share for the better life. Me, you, our brother, our sister, and all of people are need friends to share. We were created by God has excess and lack in our life, by sharing excess can cover lack in our life. Sharing can be done in term of matter, mind and feelings.

Picture7 Have you ever thought about sharing with others using the social media via internet? I am sure you have followed the social media, that connects you with your friends who you know or not. Currently, there are many kinds of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, WeChat, Skout, Skype, Meet 24, and many other social media. Users do not only come from the same country but can connect with users from another country that they are unknown each other.

Social Media is an online media, with its users can easily participate, share, and create content includes blogs, social networks, wikis, forums and virtual worlds. Blogs, social networks and wikis is a form of social media most commonly used by people all over the world. Starting from the communication, sharing and friendship, for example, communicate via chat and sharing of data, images and all of the facilities provided by the social media.

I also users of social media. Maybe it could be regarded as a social media addict. For example, facebook, blogs and twitter. I can connect with friends via social media. Many of the experiences gained from this social media among friends, love, dating and marriage. It’s crazy, I was the victim of social media, through social media, first time I knew my husband until we were married. I Got new friends from local or abroad through social media. I share my stories and experiences as well as via social media. A lot of positive things we can get from social media. Starting from sharing knowledge, life and love, get friendship and find our loved via social media.

In my experience, I use social media primarily chatting and blogging, I can get many friends, many knowledge,and many experiences in life and love. Beside that, we also have to be careful in using it, because it deals with people we do not know yet. Many victims of abuse of social media, especially sexual abuse and pornography (cyberbullying). Users of Social Media can send photos, videos and their voices. Each user would have to present itself as the best in social media, from photos and writings to attract other users.

However many mistakes in using social media, such as to make pleasure and satisfaction shortly. So there are a lot of cases of Picture8pornography and sexual harassment visually. According to the research, more women are using social networking sites, because they want more attention, especially by men. They give the impression of a very interesting and appearances from the photographs on display, video and other appearances that unwittingly attract and invite other users, especially men. So that more women become victims of social media use in the case of pornography and sexual harassment (cyberbullying).

On the other hand, we didn’t realize that we spend more time while using social media, sometime we rare give attention to families, be aloner, and accidental spread of the secret datas, then lack of communication with others in the community. So, we are as social media users should follow the norms and rules and use it for something positive, such as just for storing data, photos and videos, share important information, create discussion groups and other positive things.




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