Have you watched cartoons? Do you like cartoons? Or are you a cartoon lover? At least, you had watched a cartoon when you was kid. Many childreen like cartoon, because it has animation color and funny sound that make it interesting.

I am a cartoon lover. May be my friend think that I am like a kid. Because cartoon is identic with kids. For me watching cartoon have a pleasure. It can reduce my stress because of funny story with funny sound. And cartoon can give me a positive imagination. Beside that, there are cartoon which is not fit for childreen. Because it’s story teach a negative thing for them. So please keep it for them.

Spongebobs Squarepants, Doraemon, Detective Conan, Tom & Jerry, Barbie, Upin & Ipin, Toy Story, UP and many more. I am sure that you had watched it. Actually whatever the movie or film, they have a positive things that we can get lesson from them. Although some story have the negative side, but we can touch the positive side from them (think out of box).

I like Spongebob and every morning I always watched it on TV. He is a funny, plain and simple boy, and sometime look like a stupid boy. Because of his attitude, he always became scapegoat and be exploited by his friend. While, so many positive attitude that we can learn from him. He is a loyal friend to Patrick. Patrick is his best friend. Spongebob care depply with Patrick, even they made a  promise to be Best Friend Forever (BFF).

Moreover he is a workhorce, loyal and dicipline in working. He always go work on time. He was cook at restaurant of Krusti Krab. If he was late, he felt guilty. He always enjoy and have a pleasure with his job. Never mind how much salary that he was received. Even the holyday, Spongebob always went to work. Because working was his life. So it is different than us. Sometimes when we work in office, we come late to work, and sometime we still use time of work for another activity such as browsing, chatting and gossipss…


He also loyal and respect to his boss. Although his boss being hard to him, he never against and always respect to his boss. The other positive attitude of Spongebob, he always be happy and try to be happy with other. Although he gots troubles. Spongebobs have never give up attitude that we can try to do. He always fail when he got test driving car. But he never  gives up to get a driver’s license.

So his attitude such as loyal, workhorce, dicipline, friendship, happy, respect and never give up. We can learn and do in our lives.




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