Last time, I read a book about the performance evaluation of human resource and I compare it with my experience. I think, there are more important to focussing in human resources because they manage, organize and carry out activities within the organization. Moreover, we need to evaluate and improve their performance. Good HR has impact that good performance for HR and organize. There are relationships described below achieving individual and organizational performance based on the approach to psychological and organizational, culture and religion. The performance of HR.

Phychological and organizational approach based on the opinion of some psychologists, they argue that the bottleneck of economic development does not occur in developing countries since most people do not have high achievement motivation, but they have a low achievement motivation.

In developing country like Indonesian, most HR do not have the creative and innovative spirit. They have a poor of emotional intelligence, such as, jealousy, envy, hate, hurt, resentment, inferiority, prone to depression, irritability, not like other people more successful and mutually dropped slandering fellow workers and colleagues themselves. In developed country, they are more entrepreneurs than in developing countries. As we all know that entrepreneurs are creative people, they dare to take the risk and have a strategic ideas to expand their business. They have positive thinking to go ahead.

According to Charles Scheiber concludes his research that: “The success of one’s life is determined formal education is only 15%, while 85% longer determined by the mental attitude.”

Cultures and religions approach. We know  that all religions emphasize that we do honest, discipline, hard work, respect at work, respect for time, continuous evaluation, adherent to the values ​​prevailing in society.

So the HR Management business organization, which is based on the good psychological and organizational, culture and religion approach, it would be able to achieve the maximum performance.

by MEYF ^_^




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