Just now I watched a movie about loving, maturity and sincerity. This is a movie film that launched in 2011. The title is Anakluh. Tell about a woman, name is Indayu (43 years old). She was single parent that was left by her husband. She had a two daughter, they are Mira (23 years old) and Kirei (19 years old). Idayu met Nando (43 years old) that was a single man. Their meeting was finding a match each other so that they were in love. Otherwise, her daughter Mira that was close to Nando has in love as well.  Although Mira like that, Idayu never blame her daughter, she tried to open with her daughter like a friend and tried to understand about her daughter’s feeling to Nando.

Many lesson that I can learn from this movie that a woman is a great and strong person, but she is a weak person in front of her lover. She has a leadership in her life and in her environment that love her. She can open herself in everything and do positive to be great. She has a maturity in dealing everything that she finds in herself. She always keeps her love although she has a love before. But she always keeps it. She believes that the empty room in her heart has filled with love. She doesn’t force her love because she doesn’t want to hurt her lover before. In the running of time, she believes  that true, sincere and holy love will bring them together with her lover. She believes that her environment will understand and accept the feelings of love that she feels.

A mature woman has the patience to face her lover that has an emotional. Fidelity of a mature woman always makes the person that she loves as a friend, who always there when she is happy and hard. A woman has a sincere love for her lover not because of who is her lover and what her lover has, but because of what it is her lover. Besides that a woman has to be a great and able to do everything in her life and her environment that love her without demeaning the dignity as a woman. She should be strong and emphatic in the face of her love.


by MEYF ^_^


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