Time … We live in a world defined by time, time is very important for our lives. Time will move on to the next and never will be back into the past. Only events that can be repeated, but not for with time. The clock is a timing device. In one day we had 24 hours or 60×24 minutes or 60x60x24 seconds. If viewed from the count rate, so much time available to us from morning to night in a day.

Picture11 We often get caught up with the times. We know that we can not determine how long the life in this world. We can not determine the time to stay in the mortal world. Only God can decide everything. We waste too much time away. Because of negligence, laziness and inability to manage time well. We all have the time, means we have the right to manage it. Not time do to manage us. But we realized it was hard to manage the time. When God gives us the time and opportunity for positive things, we actually ignore it. But when the opportunity is lost, regret that appear later.

According to statistical data, the average life of the world is approximately 65 years old (but everything is set by God), meaning there are about 16-17 years, we get study, but it is not the optimal we use to study because of the holidays and rest, 5 years of childhood learning, the remaining 33-34 years of work and even in those not optimal because there are day off and rest, and we do not know to use the remaining time about 10 years. If we estimated the holiday and off day, it is about more than 7 years .. How meaningless the wasting time…

Time will move on to the next and will never return to the past. Therefore, we should be able to utilize our time in order to live well in the world and in the next. Honestly, for me, it was very difficult to manage my time well. When I was in school, I was given the opportunity to participate in a math competition, but I ignored it, because it was wrong and pessimistic thinking that I would probably not pass the selection race. I did not expect the race results, including those who can come to the next round. But the rules changed, and I failed to follow the next round. If I tried to use the time to prepare for the race as well as possible, of course I would be able to follow the race to the next round.Picture12

Therefore from now on we should be able to use the time as possible. For the results we submit to God, because He knows all what is best for us. We must believe that whatever we want and expect, and all the positive things that we think will one day surely occur, as long as accompanied by effort, prayer and belief in it. Only time and patience we should have to earn it.

Believe, trusting, sincere, try and pray that everything we wanted would happen. If it does not happen, we should be sincere to accept it, because the sincerity shows that we have faith in God and believe that behind it all there is a very beautiful thing that we will get.





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