Humans always live side by side. They need friends to share and fill his life. With the friends, they make friendship. Friendship is mutual trust, mutual need, mutual respect, mutual feeling, and sharing. We share in what is perceived by friend, if they are sad, we will be sad too and also understand what makes them sad. And, we’ll try to make them happy. We will also smile when friends happy.

Friendship is not only a close friend just physically, but friendship can be close friend in far distance. We share each other about life, love, work, or everything. With friendship, we can get more experience about life. With friendship, we can learn a lot about life. Friendship is beautiful, there is love, grief, sorrow, pleasure and love.

I think love and admiration are so close. You said love to your friend, may be it only admires for your friend.

There is no life without love and friends. Because of friend we get a love and because of love we get a friend.

For that all, I’ll always keep the friendship and, never break for any reason.

for my best friend ….

thanks for your kindness…

thanks for everything …

I love you guy …..


by MEYF ^_^


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